A Ripple Upon The Surface

A few weeks ago on my Facebook Page, I shared an idea I had for a music blog.  The particulars aren’t terribly important right now with the exception of the plan in mind.  A three sentence intro paragraph will sufficiently introduce that plan.

Well, perhaps not, but I started this blog with a couple things in mind.  I’m the type of person that can demonstrate laser focus and set tiers of goals.  Often, once at that point, I get bored.  I’m a creator. I would be the happiest sitting around creating things–music, stories, web pages, apps, programs, whatever let my mind roam.

When it comes to a blog, I tried before with stories and ran out of time for it.  So, I wanted a slightly nebulous plan that held loose borders for my roaming.  And, something that didn’t require me to do X entries within a time period.

So, in true fashion of my right brained way of thinking, I’ll get to the point.  I want to share songs I find and maybe get information from the creative persons behind the songs.  I want to share what I get to do with music.  Music is a gift to me.  As long as I’ve been playing, hearing harmonies and creating melodies has a newness that never fades.  I’m near playing guitar for forty years and I still find new thoughts to express with those familiar twelve notes.

Well, that’s that.  Like a double demonstrative ending, it’s uselessly vague yet clear to the intender.

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