Working Toward A New Album

After reading the next sentence, you’ll know the term for the opposite sensation to deja vu.  Jamais vu is the opposite of deja vu.  Did you see that coming?  Working toward a new album the title Jamais Vu seems to capture the essence of the new music.

Working Toward A New Album

When I worked on Hallowed, I had a group of songs and had the goal of getting all recorded and mastered by a certain date.  For the next album, I’m trying songs out, if they seems to work I’m doing recording then mastering, and moving on the the next new song.  Over the last few months, I’ve “finished” nine songs for a new album.  I am putting these tracks on my SoundCloud to share online.

Go Go Indie

A friend of mine is using crowd sourcing to fund his next endeavor.  What I liked about his setup is the perks.  I’m thinking about letting the crowd source pre-orders and perks since I can keep costs low in other ways.

With the addition of a blog to the site, I plan on chronicling different aspects of my music life and the process in which I work.  Not sure how fun it may be but I guarantee honesty.


Well, there is newer news on the topic of working toward a new album.  Yes, I made the wordy on purpose.  But, a benefit of blogging ideas is that I can see trends in thinking.  When I change my mind, as is the case in album titling, revisiting my previous thinking is enjoyable.

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