Big Mike Aguirre

House concerts are an epitome of cool.  Well, that’s how Big Mike Aguirre hinted at the events.  This was his first house concert experience and I, luckily, opened for him playing three songs.  Big Mike, as you can see from the picture, is a slightly tall guy.

Big Mike Aguirre and Kyle

Big Mike Aguirre and Kyle


Mike played through a smallish solid state amp with his Tele and played varied styles of blues.  As a guitar player in the audience, Mike has a good command of the blues and listening to him is fun.  Gear-wise, another player in attendance and myself like checking out the amp, a Quilter.  The amp had a great tone, one that seems like a tube amp.

Big Mike Aguirre will surprise with an unexpected cover tune and then do Zeppelin.  A couple original tunes were dusted among the songs as well.  Overall, a fun guy which to listen.  In St. Louis, he’s at The Beale on Broadway on Sundays and other venues around town.  Mike is a good player and entertainer, be sure to check him out.  You can find out more information on his Facebook page.

Big Mike Aguirre Live

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