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For a few months, the working title of my new album has been Jamais Vu.  I like the idea of opposite of Deja Vu where the familiar seems unfamiliar.  When thinking about that title the last couple weeks, a couple issues arose.

One issue, I thought about the theme of my newer songs.  Instead of the deep, depression laden introspection of Hallowed, my songs have turned a leaf.  Though I’m always emotionally wonky, I’m not painted in the darker corner trying to project myself into the light.  To me, an album title should evoke the spirit of the songs.  The title serves to give potential listeners a hint at what they may hear.

Jamais Vu 02 800x800

The second issue reeks of more pragmatic honesty.  When I imagine saying “jamais vu” on a microphone and people hearing it, I wonder what in the world they will enter into music services or if they’ll simply think, “I have no idea what that dude just said…jah may view? Oh, never mind.”  That idea and that my name isn’t the easiest to spell, I wanted a title that was clear to say and hear to hopefully expedite people actually looking it up.

So, after talking to some people, an idea arose then morphed.  I ended up looking at photography terms and happened across the word diffused.  Going to play with this, make sure it’s not easily confused with defused, and move forward.

The spring time looks like a good album release time and I’m going to do work month in advance, like now.

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