Completed Electronic Press Kit – EPK

I’ve been working on an EPK, Electronic Press Kit.  Looking at what other artists do and seeing what gaps I had in materials, I finally have a completed version.  Good news is it reduces some site clutter with pages by consolidating.

EPK Inspiration

One band, Phourist & The Photons whom I discovered through an email alert from Indie On The Move, had a nice looking EPK.  I relied their document for how I created my first version.

Here is a list of other EPK sources I consulted:

Electronic Networking Kit

Hopefully, as I get the chance to network with more artists, the EPK will expand and become better.  Much like seeing a kit that I “understood” and therefore inspired me, I hope to see what other artists do and let that observation and insight make my own materials better.

Though music is a competitive business, the art content is not.  As an indie artist, putting out a song that tops the charts more than another artists is an absurd idea.  My view is I want to see what works for other artists and see if those strategies can help me either change my own or adopt a new strategy.  Music is not my job.  Though it’s not a main source of income, I can treat music like a side business.

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