New Album Progress And Plans

New Album Audio

The audio for the new album is recorded, mixed, and mastered.  This time for mastering, as a opposed to Hallowed, the audio is intended for global streaming and use.  Which means, it’s mastered toe -15 LKFS with a DR, Dynamic Range, between 9-12.  Hallowed I masted to an arbitrary loudness value.  If you don’t know, or honestly care, about those numbers, the values essentially mean that the new album will meet international standard broadcast quality.  Hopefully, the music will be accepted by Pandora which will help with posterity.

The new album will have eleven new songs, one remix, and four live tracks.  Over forty-three minutes of music with the eleven new songs and over an hour including the bonus tracks.  The songs range in instrumentation with a couple songs not being guitar prominent.  A few songs do not have drums and a couple have minimal drums.  I wanted the new album to have more variety as you listen.

Music Biz

For the business side of music, I want the new album to break even upon release.  A kickstarter or indiegogo campaign will match up with the release.  This will allow people to pre-order, buy packages, and even get tickets to a house concert album release.

I’m looking at having a public and private release shows.  The public will be at an area venue.  I’m working on the details so I don’t want to announce that part.  For the private release show, that will be a Henry House Concert in Pacific, MO.


For the Featured Songwriter Showcase show this summer, I created a songbook that has song sheets for songs on Hallowed and the next album.  This book will be revised to include songs from Hallowed and the new album as well as songs that did not make either album.  The song count is over thirty (and may be over forty…).

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