New Page For Song Lyrics Added

After reading a post by Ari Herstand about song lyrics, I decided to make a lyrics page.  The coincidental karma of the universe must have been working because I’d just finished editing a draft of a new songbook.  The songbook will have song lyrics, chords, and the stories behind the songs.


I prepared a songbook for the Featured Songwriter show back in July of 2015.  Since I have the next album set with the audio finished, I revised the book.  The article landed in my radar and I put a page together.

I may organize the song lyrics with a page for each album, if it seems like the page gets any hits.  I’ll add lyrics for the new album when digital pre-releases go out.  But, that’s another topic.

Another note about the songbook, there are songs that are not on any album in there with chords and accompanying stories.  Those are the songs that came close to making the cut but didn’t.  Some of the songs will remain on SoundCloud and may be performed from time to time.

Song Lyrics

Most of my song lyrics have a common original–words people speak to me.  I love taking snippets of conversation and creating a song.  Especially the more songs I write, injecting real conversation gives the songs and authenticity of content and a natural rhythm of speech.  Usually, these borrowed words become a chorus around which I construct a story…which leads me to whining about always writing a love song.  But, I like the imaginative quality of creating music and stories.  I’m good at taking and idea and elaborating that idea.  The exact stories for each of my songs is in the songbook.  Yeah, I’ll probably share one or two to give you an idea but I’ll wait until closer to Diffused’s release date.

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