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A couple months ago I started posting original music.  The idea centered around original music promotion and to network with other artists.  So far, the idea is working.  The hard part is finding more music to post.  Here’s some information about the posts so far to encourage songwriters to share.

Posts Effects

Not to flex my nerdy muscles too much, but I track data on the original music posts.  I relay that data back to the songwriter after a week.  I share the post twice on Facebook and Twitter and once on Instagram.  I track social media engagement, page hits, and media plays.  Here’s a screen of columns headings for data collection.

original music promotion data

The columns: title of post, Facebook post date, Facebook post second date, FB reach, FB likes, Twitter favorites, Twitter retweets, Instagram likes, date post data is checked (usually a week later), page hits for post, media plays at beginning date, media plays at ending date, play count change, percentage change of play counts.

The data shows that the songs get played.  Now, I cannot say the post causes the plays–correlative versus causal data.  But the promotion and week’s worth of data can help artists gain insights.  For example:

  • Where does the songwriter have the best presence?
  • Where might the songwriter’s audience be most responsive?
  • Is there a strong or weak place in exposure?
  • From the songwriter’s point of view:
    • did the post drive any traffic to your site, social media, or other links?
    • did you gain any new fans?
    • did you get any comments or likes?
    • did you get any sales?

Original Music Promotion

I like DIY music.  I enjoy going places and hearing songwriters play the songs they have created.  Even if I don’t like the genre or style of music.  Something about someone sharing their imaginative spark appeals to me.  Like an adventurous eater, I love the excitement of seeing someone tell me a story in song and unleashing that passion.  Going back to my wanna-be punk roots circa 1990, I like music that not everyone has heard.  So, since I’m not the only person on the planet that feels like this, why don’t more songwriters want to share?  Not going to pull a freshmen comp student rhetorical flaw of answering the question just asked.  I honestly don’t know.

If you’re a songwriter or know one, pass this message along.  Share your music.  People want to hear it.

Contact me through my contact page which lists various ways to get in touch.

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2 Responses to Original Music Promotion – Get Results

  1. Jack Blake says:

    Kyle, I would very much like to have my music heard and shared. My name is Jack Blake and just released my second album on Loudr Ist was a cover album and the 2nd all original. (jack Blake Battle Weary). I have more original stuff ready to go out soon. Thanks Jack Blake

    • Kyle says:

      Jack, if you don’t mind, DM me a link or something on Twitter or Facebook. I’ll email you soon just in case you don’t see this reply.

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