Cyndi Washburn “There’s The Door”

When messaging with artists, a fun part is getting a glimpse into who they are as well as their music.  When communicating with Cyndi Washburn, I got an immediate sense of honesty.  Cyndi is in Antioch, TN which is a short distance southeast of Nashville.  I had just watched a documentary on The Eagles and they mention Joni Mitchell whom is listed as a “Sounds Like” artist on Cyndi’s ReverbNation page.  Click play on the song and see if you agree.  Read her song’s story below.

The Story Behind The Song

“There’s the Door” was written about my now husband who, at the time, was my ex-boyfriend. We dated for 3 years and broke up for 4 before finally getting together and ultimately getting married. During our time apart, I lived in a different city more than 100 miles away, yet we stayed in contact and he made his desire to get back together very clear!! But he had work to do, on himself. Eventually, he did the work and here we are!

Cyndi Washburn

Cyndi Washburn

Audiences LOVE this song. It probably gets a better response than almost any of my others.  I think people like the double meaning of “there’s the door.” Lyrics like, “I know you tried harder for me than anyone else, but at the end of the day you were still about yourself” and “I need a partner, not a project” really resonate with people. In any case, it is very well received whenever I have sung it out.

As far as the writing process, I remember I had a show coming up in New Hope, PA and I wanted to write some new music for it. The inspiration of both lyrics and music came while I was sitting in my office at work. I pulled out my phone and quickly recorded my idea, then I went home that night and wrote the whole thing, and sang it out for the first time just a couple of days later. It was one that was very quick and easy to write and it has served me well! I did record it in a studio in PA, but I am getting ready to record an EP and it will likely be on that, as well.

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