Jack Blake aka Battle Weary “She’s Gone”

Usually, I meet artists for the Original Music Spotlight through Twitter.  Jack Blake contacted me through my site–which shows that doing this helps with exposure.  Jack using the musical tag of Battle Weary is from Buffalo, NY. With a newly released album online, he’s ready to share his music.  When browsing his songs, “She’s Gone” stood out to me with it’s 60’s garage charm.  Listen and see if you agree and read the back story.

Story Behind The Song

She’s Gone– This one really came about when a friend of mine let me know over the summer that she was leaving our place of employment and transferring to another school! We work for the Buffalo city schools. Hence the first thing that came to my mind was “She’s gone!” I was out of work after having knee surgery and was just starting to record again. The rest of the lyrics just started to flow out of me As far as I know she didn’t go to Hollywood or take off with my kids or money! (My wife would kill me!!!) The music is just a inspired rock a billy type thing. I broke out the Les Paul and decided to go clean with a little reverb. [Kyle–impossible to go wrong with an LP.]
Jack Blake aka Battle Weary

Jack Blake aka Battle Weary

I always loved the James Burton, Scotty Moore, Carl Perkins sound and was trying to go in that direction at least with the lead. The problem I have is recording every thing myself is that it’s tough to go out and play them live. I do a lot of open mics and  the music I do play goes over very well. It funny that you thought my music is in the Garage genre’ because without thinking about it that’s what I play! A lot of old 60’s music with an edge if possible. I usually play a Taylor twelve string and I play it so hard that I’m starting to wear it out! Must go back to my old punk days!

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