Rhys Freeman “Softest Of Whispers”

The way I met Rhys Freeman is through Twitter chance.  I forget the current percent of robot accounts on the platform, but I do try to reach out to artists who respond to my Tweets.  Rhys Freeman clicked like and I am the luckier for it.  Rhys is the first international artist for this blog [edit: first European artist].  Click play on his song “Softest Of Whispers” and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sound and information.

For some biographic information, Rhys Freeman is 15.  He’s based in Bristol in the UK and in his own words, “Well I write songs!”

Softest Of Whispers Story

The story behind the song is in Rhys Freeman’s own words: I wrote “Softest of Whispers” whilst in New York. It was the start of a new chapter in terms of how I write my music, I started to take a different approach to it, I wanted to write more maturely, about love and life experiences I guess I found inspiration in something I haven’t ever experienced. I wanted to catch the attention of the people who listened to it and wanted them to in a way relate to it and just keep listening to the song, the story.

Rhys Freeman

Rhys Freeman

The process of writing was easy, once I’d written the first few lyrics the rest of the song came to me, everything fell into place. When I came back from New York I came up with the chord progression and really completed the song within a week or so. I recorded it all in one day at the start of the new year, I spent a good few hours editing it and producing it from my home studio, I was so pleased with the end product and I knew write from the beginning of writing it that I wanted people to hear and enjoy it and maybe find inspiration from it. The audience reaction I got was on social media, my friends listened to it and told me what they thought, I also got people from other countries stumbling across it and listening to it then commenting what they thought, I’m happy of the way people have tuned in.

Rhys Freeman Links

  1. Full album “City of Dreams” on Soundcloud
  2. Twitter @rfreemanmusic
  3. Instagram @rhysfreemanmusic
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