Serafyn “Gold”

SoundCloud is a great site for artists to share their music and for potential fans to find music.  One artist I found was Serafyn.  Serafyn is based in Basel, Switzerland and make the second international artist to share their song’s story with me.  Click play on the song “Gold” and read the story behind the song. [Edit: actually the third international artist, second European.]

Story Behind “Gold”

The song is about that feeling you get when returning home after having been away for some time. When you suddendly see everything very clearly and you recognize all your possibilities. And nothing seems easier than taking a big step, in any direction.



We recorded in a studio in the Tuscany in Italy last summer while staying in a very beautiful old house in the countryside. Sometimes it was hard to sing because there was an old lady (la mamma) who cooked for us, like five times a day, and she always made us eat finish our plates.

We have performed the song live a couple of times now, it’s actually always the first song of our set at the moment. We play a live version that starts a bit dramatic, just the bass with lots of delay and us singing. It’s hard to tell something about the audience’s reaction.  I can say that for me it has become a bit like a ritual singing this song at the beginning of the concert and it calms me down and makes it easy to focus on the music.

Single Out Now

“Gold” is available as a single now.  Check out the links below to get the music and see what shows the band has upcoming.  As of this writing, they have shows in Bern, Switzerland; Stuttgart, Germany; and Biel, Switzerland as the next three date.

Serafyn Links

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