D3tails “In The Past”

Browsing through SoundCloud’s Jazz and Blues genre, I found d3tails.  D3tails is Anthony Pecoraro from Detroit, MI.  What struck me about his tune “In The Past” was the ambient, layered sound with the tasty sprinkles of jazz that sit as compostional hints.  As you listen to the tune, you’ll likely ask yourself about how easy you fall in love.   Read about Anthony’s perspective on music and production as the song gets you thinking.

D3tails song “In The Past”

In the words of Anthony, here is his thoughts about this song and music.  As a producer on my own music, there’s plenty of cool details here.

I am mostly influenced by Jazz and 90s hip-hop.  These genres are complementary.  I find samples by listening to local jazz radio stations. I’ve never sampled from vinyl.  I’ve never performed because the music I make is best suited for a medium-sized room with a few people or a pair of headphones.  The only software I use is FL Studio to cut samples and make beats.  I don’t use any other equipment because it’s all too expensive and there are ways to get around it.  Most of the process is working with the sample.  My beats, as anyone can tell, are pretty straight forward.  The process is just as much about discovering music as it is about creating new music.  Often I will find a track that very well compliments the mood I’m in and that translates into a beat, which I guess for that reason carries more weight than simply the sum of the mechanical process.  I do this in my free time and I appreciate anyone who listens.

I responded to Anthony that the line, “The process is just as much about discovering music as it is about creating new music,” is the key.  Contemporary software allows so much exploration that sometimes you just dive into a sound and find music.  Likewise, more aligned with Anthony’s words, finding a sample and hearing it in a new context or through a filter as you construct a soundscape in your mind is a whole journey containing discovery and creation.

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