Alex Winters “Black Roses”

I met Alex Winters through Twitter while looking for artists bearing #songwriter.  Upon stumbling across her page and clicking her homepage link, my ears were caught unawares of the cool sound of her music.  I like the genre pushing rock sound of the track here.  Click play on her song “Black Roses” and read the story behind the song.  The song is also on YouTube with a lyrics video.

Embed for Black Roses

Alex Winters Song Back Story

When I came up with the idea for Black Roses, I was driving (I get a lot of ideas that way) and a memory of an old love just hit me out of nowhere and completely hijacked me. All the fights and arguments, everything I gave to that relationship. I was just so grateful that I had broken that chain. That I was able to realize it was no good for me to be there and I was able to get out and start over. I was able to quickly jot a couple of stanzas jotted down at the next stoplight, and then I put it away and forgot about it for a while.

Alex Winters

Alex Winters

I didn’t pull it out again until I had an assignment from my songwriting group to put the phrase “panic room” in a song. I wanted to look through some of my older stuff for inspiration so I opened my iPad and when I unlocked it, that poem was staring me in the face. It’s weird because I didn’t remember ever opening that particular poem on my iPad. I gave it a read through and decided it was perfect for the assignment, grabbed my guitar and started working on the main riff and chord structure. Once I had the basics down I filled in the rest of the story. Sometimes I just don’t know when I have an idea how it’s going to work out but I love how this song came out.

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