Kane Williams “Overdose”

Kane Williams contacted me on Twitter about this blog.  Simple acts like that let me know I’ve met a like minded musical artist that’s looking to connect and share some sounds.  On his SoundCloud page, two songs grabbed me.  Give “Overdose” a listen and read the story in Williams’ words.  There is some extra biography information  at the end.

Kane Williams’ Music Story

Overdose was the first song I recorded with my partner Jo. Not originally written as a duet, but adapted slightly to become one. My demo was okay, but I knew would be much improved with some parts replaced by musicians who actually knew how to play!


I found a Gearslutz forum member (Vadim Chelnokov) who offered to replace some parts. However, he liked the track so much, he got carried away and replaced every part, altering the arrangement extensively. At first, I was taken a back a little but I knew I liked what he had done. I tried to distance myself from what it had been when I sent it to him and hear it with a fresh perspective. As it was clearly more accomplished and professional sounding than my arrangement, I thought it would showcase the song better and I accepted this was now the way it would be “released” and now I can’t even remember how it sounded before the talented Vad worked his magic. Vad also mastered the track, as he has a a mastering business (polymastering) and he is now a good friend and collaborator.

The track was mixed by Dimitry Kiryakov in an all analogue studio. Dima is a friend of Vad’s and liked the track, so kindly offered to mix it for free. I learn’t from him that I had recorded the vocals too hot and they suffered from a little distortion, although not bad enough to require re-recording. I now record vocals 6 or so dB’s lower. I also used Garageband on this track and discovered I could not export mono tracks, which was more of a pain for the mix engineer than I realised. I now use Logic.


When I write a relationship/love song, I try to find an angle that is a little different and less cliché if I can. The song itself uses drug metaphors to explain the intensity of infatuation, when you can’t get enough of someone. So, experiencing this person equates to experiencing narcotics. Like ecstasy, they make you want to dance and you dance to their tune, follow their lead. They make you see the world differently (like psychedelics), you get withdrawal symptoms (pine for them) when you are separated etc. Ultimately, when you are infatuated to this extent, it’s dangerous like an overdose.

This song has been played on a local BBC radio station.


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Extra Biography

Kane Williams grew up in the 70’s & 80’s listening to an eclectic mix of stuff on the radio and 50’s and 60’s music that my mum would play.  According to Williams, “I soon found a love of anything with a strong groove and soul and became a B-Boy (Breakdancer). I always sang a bit, but I made US East Coast inspired rap music on the unlikely East Coast of the UK from 1986 – 1996.”

Talking generally about music, “I still have a love of true Hip Hop, but returning to funk and soul, I inch closer to creating the sounds I love. I can’t actually play an instrument, or have any music theory knowledge to speak of and I compose and produce my tracks as best I can, muddling my way though on a keyboard.”

Williams ends with future thoughts, “I hope that one day, artists I admire will want to record some of my songs. I believe I could write for any genre, as songs are songs, but groove, funk and soul are what move me.”

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