Jason DiTommaso “Abby’s Song”

Meeting musical artists online is a fun endeavor.  On ReverbNation, a common practice is for artists to connect with each other and that is how I met Jason DiTommaso.  Often when connecting with artists, I’ll check out their music and if things seems to “fit” I’ll contact them about the blog.  Jason, who hails from Ottowa, Ontario, Canada, has some nice instrumental work that seems to go beyond background music and have a bit of soul an interest.  Click play on “Abby’s Song” and read about Jason DiTomasso’s instrumental work.

Jason DiTomasso Tells About His Music

Abby’s Song.  Composed and Performed by Jason DiTommaso (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada).

A beautiful instrumental inspired by my middle daughter (Abby).  Three unique themes interwoven into a single ribbon of tranquility.  Reflective of her personality—kindness, strength and inquisitiveness.

My writing process is fluid—I typically come up with a sound, then a collection of sounds, and adjust until the sounds become a song.  Will normally write a song over a period of time, and will constantly reflect on the ‘sound and meaning’ of the song (i.e. Where does it take the listener?  What images does it invoke?).  After I am able to play the song either with my eyes closed or in complete darkness, only then do I know it is finished.

Jason DiTomasso

Jason DiTomasso

Audience reaction very positive.  Whenever I play this song within a set of instrumentals, the audience will often comment that it is the most powerful and emotive of the collection. Given the inspiration for this song, this makes me and my daughter (Abby) quite happy!

Audience has also suggested the song would be ideal for Film and/or TV.

Recorded 2015, published and released 2016 on my first EP, “The Longest Journey” (as part of a collection of four easy listening instrumentals).  Available to listen to, or download, at www.jasonditommaso.com.  All proceeds from downloads go to The Canadian Cancer Foundation.

Recorded on a 1960’s Yamaha classical guitar (my first guitar). Recorded in a 2-hour session at North Easton’s studio, Rockland (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada.

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