Summer Music Accomplishments

The inevitable approach of the starting school year always signals an end to summer for me.  Wanted to share the accomplishments I achieved and how those happened.  As summer began, with the end of school no less, I set goals.  I see musicians and others set lofty goals with little thought of how to actually achieve their completion.

Summer Goals To Accomplishments

The first goal was to fulfill the album release shows I had planned back in January.  One was a public release at The Wolf and the other was a private house concert.  Each event went well, was fun, and was honestly easy to fulfill.

The second of three goals was to play out of town.  The first full week of June, I traveled to Springfield, MO to catch a couple open mics.  I the one at Big Momma’s Coffee And Espresso Bar and didn’t have time for another.  Met some musicians and got to hang with some old friends.  Was a good night.

Kyle Walz Summer Accomplishments – Playing Out Of Town

The visit to Springfield leads to my third summer goal to set up solo shows.  The morning I was leaving, I went to a coffee shop and bakery in the town of Strafford where my parents live.  This shop happens to have monthly music.  After lots of communicating, I set up a show there.  Upon returning, I set up shows in July and August.

So, the first week of June, all my goals became accomplishments.  What next?

Taking Accomplishments To The Next Level

My overall goal with music is modest.  I’d like to have enough connections to play my original music monthly at varied venues with varied audiences.  Being an occasional opener for touring artists lines with the bigger goal.  Like many musicians, I have a day job which allows me to do what and how I want with music.  So, I thought of each goal and how to progress each to a reasonable and achievable level.

With the album release, getting exposure was the goal.  Looking for blogs to review, playlists that may accept, and stations to play became the three part goal.  Because of my day job, I approach tasks in a very organized way.  I generated lists with points of contact, how and when I contacted, and how the places responded.  Through these efforts, I earned three reviews, two playlist additions, and three online station that play my music.

With playing out of town, I wanted to set up a gig out of my area and play in neighboring Illinois (I’m in the St. Louis, MO area).  Since my visit to Springfield, MO generated a gig, I took my list blogs and stations and added gig possibilities and open mic locations.  Looking to hit an open mic, I learned the venue has a couple songwriter showcases a month.  Contacting about those lead to being invited to play at The Abbey in Belleville, IL.

The previous goal extension overlaps with with the third summer goal of solo shows.

Continuing Accomplishments

With goals, once you learn to break an idea into parts and how to progress an idea you feel accomplished.  Here’s the in between the lines catch to all this: you know how to do the process again.  With school starting and the cover bands I play in having lots going on, I’m in a good place to let a couple weeks to a month go by without working on continuing accomplishments more.

That feels good.

Being a musician in today’s world is running yourself as a business.  Some musicians don’t like that.  I can tell when someone says they’re going to record a song and take it to a record label.  Just Google how that doesn’t work anymore.

Thinking of the future, working on solo gigs, networking, promoting, and performing are my areas of focus.  Even when not working on big picture goals, everyday I try to make something better.

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