Daz Chadwick “High”

Funny story of virtually meeting Daz Chadwick via YouTube.  Through a short Twitter exchange, we had a good laugh.  Daz is from Straffordshire, UK.  On his YouTube channel, you can hear a good number of covers and find a couple originals.  Click play on “High” and read about the song.

Daz Chadwick’s Story

The song HIGH is about me trying to achieve my dreams but always falling short.  From a small child I dedicated my life to becoming a professional football player living and breathing it throwing everything I had into it.  I achieved it only to have it taken away from me before it got off the ground through a serious knee injury.  I was devastated but I picked myself up recovered and 5 years later achieved my dream for a second time only for the same injury to come back and kill it dead again.

Daz Chadwick

Daz Chadwick

I wrote the song with my guitar using basic chords and tried to make it a happy song that regardless of life’s setbacks I keep coming back and hold my head up HIGH.  I’ve performed the song for audiences in pubs and it always goes down well.  I recorded the song on my iPhone and uploaded it to YouTube nothing fancy just kept it simple.

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