Anne Sumner “Renegades”

My connection to Anne Sumner begins with Twitter.  After a friend suggested a Croydon (burrough of London) station, Anne and I were in the same tweet.  That led me to check out her music and here we are in this post.  Click play on Anne Sumner’s song “Renegades” and read about the song.

Story for Anne Sumner’s Renegades

The starting point for Renegades is the belief that we all have a dark side and a light side; a mix of good and evil, healthy and unhealthy ways of coping with what life throws at us. Renegades is in parts a conversation with my own dark side, as well as the story of how I tried to distance myself from it. It’s about the difficulties of separating yourself from something, or someone, you’ve been dependent on for a long time, and about how there is longing and loss even in that which we are blessed to lose.

Anne Sumner

Anne Sumner

I wrote Renegades and it immediately seemed to resonate with people; it went down well live and I was playing it for about a year before I recorded it. In the end we used the live space at Hoodoo’s, a major local music venue here in Croydon, for the recording, and John Lovell did most of the work on the instrumentation and production to make it sound like it does here. The video is backed by a time-lapse of the sky from my home studio over the course of a day in July. I take a lot of inspiration from nature so wanted to be able to use the natural colours from the sky as a backdrop, and there were some great cloud formations that day too which I was thrilled with.

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