Peter Noreika “Rocketship”

Twitter is a great place for connecting with musicians.  While checking my alerts, I saw Peter Noreika liked a Tweet.  I visited his page then his site.  Once I clicked play, I opened his page back up to ask about about blogging his music.  Are you ready for a unique acoustic experience?  Click play and listen to “Rocketship” by the Buffalo, New York based Peter Noreika.

“Rocketship” Story

“Rocketship” is one of the quickest songs I’ve ever written. My 5 yr old son made a rocket out of an old cardboard box. He colored it, added designs and controls and was playing in it, one day, when I arrived home. He started telling me all about it; where the windows were, where the controls were and what they all did, etc. He also had drawn a button with a picture of a cat on it. As he pretends to press it he keeps saying, “meow”. Then tells me the horn sounds like a cat.

Peter Noreika

Peter Noreika

I literally took everything he told me and created the chorus for Rocketship. They lyrics just flowed like never before. The rest of the tune is a combination of the adventures he was pretending to have and some of my own commentary. We saved his Rocket, and both my Son and his creation ended up on the cover of my latest album – “Throw the Switch to Begin”.

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Peter Noreika Bio

Noreika began his career as a guitarist for a number of Heavy Metal & Thrash bands. Some gained regional notoriety and others never left the basement. Through the years, the daily band rehearsals turned into only twice a week, then to  once a week, then to once a month. It seems that life crept up and changed priorities for Noreika and the other band members. Eventually being in a band faded into memory.

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