The Sceptres “Who Do You Love Girl”

On Twitter, I met J. Dels of The Sceptres. What’s cool about this post is that this goes back to 1966.  The story behind the song is more that just “here’s my process.”  The story here will take you back to pre-digital days and even further.  Back to a time when getting your music out there meant having to go to a studio, get recordings, and work through a different process than just using a phone cam and an app.  Click play and read about The Sceptres and their song “Who Do You Love Girl.”

The Sceptres Story

We were The Sceptres from Southington, CT.  The Sceptres performed from 1965-66.

“Who Do You Love Girl” was never pressed on vinyl due to our not signing the contract.  An MP3 was made from 50-yr-old reel-to-reel tape from the recording session in New York City.  The disk picture on the Youtube channel at and photos of the band are all that remain. Our instrumental, “Melissa’s Theme,” is also on our channel.

We used to have a more lengthy band bio up on Mike Dugo’s site (, which is now defunct.  I [J. Dels] wrote the song . I like to say Taylor Swift has nothing on this old guy who wrote a breakup song at 16, “Who Do You Love Girl” was that type of song.  In an ironic twist, if my memory serves me well, one night in Bristol, CT we won a battle of the bands.

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