Carl James Dunning “Break Out”

Twitter is a great platform for connecting.  I was looking as friends of a friend and found Carl James Dunning.  Something about the way his pinned tweet for the song “Break Out” looked made me click, and I loved the sound.  Carl James Dunning a a sing-songwriter based in North Yorkshire, UK.  Click play and read about his song “Break Out.”

Story Behind “Break Out”

In Carl James Dunnings’ own words, here’s the story behind the music.

The inspiration behind the song is wanting to just get out really and a sense of lostness at the same time. I’d been seeing someone while I was writing the song, it was Awkward ,But Things don’t always turn out how you plan and just faded away which was sad.
Not every song I write is personal , but this one is about me and the things happening around  me. I think at some point in our life’s we all want to break Out. It can be from anything our jobs , ,and just daily life in general and live  the dreams we dream about,  But it’s not always so easy.
Carl James Dunning

Carl James Dunning

Writing process
The song to write was pretty quick , I had the words going around in my head all the time.   I knew I wanted the music to be simple , and use my voice as the main instrument.  So it was just putting pen  to paper. I was traveling back from London on the train , and that’s were I finished the song , the last verse and the ending.  Then it was back home to practice.
It’s definitely one of my favourite songs to perform live , The song is simple and it  feels really natural to play and sing it , I don’t feel any awkwardness which is good for me.
Where ever I’ve played Break Out I’ve always had a good reception from the audience , and kind words afterwards off people.  I’m hoping people can relate to it in some sort of way.  And if the audience feel anything from it , that’s always a good thing.
It was the quickest recording I’ve done , I went in the studio / Backstreet studio to record another song. There was 10 minutes left of recording time. I played and sang the song once and that was it.  I didn’t want it to be to polished , I wanted it to be what I could represent on stage live.  I’m happy with the outcome.

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Carl James Dunning Bio

Carl is a singer/songwriter from the north east of England , playing mostly original songs and a few covers.  He recently had songs played on the BBC and is currently working on his first album to be released early next year.  Once the album is released Carl James Dunning will be travelling around to support the album.  He’s excited to be travelling to France (Caen) in may to play some gigs.
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