Toshikazu Maruno “Thank You For Being A Friend”

Sometimes when wadding through the Internet, you find like minded people.  On ReverbNation, I was connecting with artists and one left a nice comment on my music.  To me, that means they are interested in truly connecting. When I visited Toshikazu Maruno’s page and clicked play, the descending chord riff of “Thank You For Being A Friend” instantly hooked me.  The melody, sung in Japanese, lifts you and will carry you into the song.  See if you have a similar response.  Click play and read about the song.

Song Story

The following is in Toshikazu Maruno’s own words:

Well, I will talk about “Thank You For Being A Friend.” This song is about songs about my friends and fans around the world. I started Myspace in 2009, and I was able to have many friends and fans all over the world. Thanks to their support, I have been able to do my best in music activities. I wanted to tell them the feelings of gratitude to the songs. And then I was able to write “Thank You For Being A Friend”. About “Victory Road”, it is a cheering song of a professional baseball pitcher. He was from the same town, and I was given the opportunity to write his song. So simply put, “Victory Road” is a baseball song. “Thank You For Being A Friend” and “Victory Road” are included in the album “Gratitude”. You can see the English translation of lyrics on my website. If you have time please visit my website and check them.

Toshikazu Maruno

Toshikazu Maruno

Toshikazu Maruno Links

Toshikazu Maruno Bio

Taken from his ReverbNation site:

My name is Toshikazu Maruno. I am Japanese Singer / Songwriter. After moving to Tokyo in the spring of 1988, I spent the next 8 years as the vocalist in a band, which mainly played in-house live performances. The experience gained during this time served as the foundation to become a vocalist and songwriter. However, the band broke up in 1995, after which I began working as a solo artist, giving live performances. From then on, My live performance style is to sing solo, accompanied by my acoustic guitar. Currently, I am pursuing a music career in Japan. I am making music activities around Kagoshima of Japan from 2007. My main music activities are songwriting, music production and performing in events and live concerts. I am promoting my music all over the world through the Internet. “~KIZUNA~” was released in August 2011, and the album “Graduation Songbook ~Departure~” was released in March 2012. The albums were released internationally through My CD Store I was able to make friends and fans all over the world since I signed up on Myspace in 2010. And in 2014, the album “Gratitude” was released with feelings of appreciation for my worldwide friends and fans. I made the production of all of these albums and I also arranged and produced the music.

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