!Ndi G. “Water”

So, Instagram is the new Facebook, and here’s some proof. !Ndi G., aka Ndi Gwan, is the first artist I connected with on the platform.  And, you’ll get the benefits of that virtual meeting.  !Ndi G. is a Baton Rouge based artist and the production on the tracks is awesome.  You’ll dig the sound when you click play.  Keep reading for the song’s story and links to more music are below.

“Water” Story

In !Ndi G’s own words:
“Water” is a track that I wrote several months ago and before the song was even finished, I knew it would be the one to open my new EP, Sagittarius. Lyrically, the song was written about a past relationship and the feelings I had for this girl from my hometown. “Water” is used as a comparison of how refreshing just her presence was for me, and a reference is made to how taking pictures with me was one of her favorite things to do. The song is filled with beautiful memories.
!Ndi G.

!Ndi G.

Instrumentally, a lot of inspiration was drawn from one of my favorite producers, Louis the Child. His song, “It’s Strange (featuring K. Flay)” has been one of my favorites for a long time, and the song structure of it is what “Water” is modeled after. I wanted the overall vibe of this song as well as the rest of my EP to be kinda wavey and easy to dance to. With this being the favorite track on the EP for many of my listeners, I think I did a good job with execution. Songs similar in style are to be expected from me in the future, so make sure to follow my Soundcloud and Facebook page for updates on future releases!

!Ndi G. Links

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