Lia Glynias “Achy Morning Sadness”

I met Lia Glynia about a year ago through my friends Andy and Emily of Catching The Westbound.  After a few months of messaging about a show, we played a show together in June or 2016.  I’ve been bugging her since to blog a song.  So, enjoy the pickle, click play and read about the Lia’s song “Achy Morning Sadness.”

Story Behind “Achy Morning Sadness”

So Achy Morning Sadness is a song I wrote at a friend’s suggestion at the end of 2017. I was having one of those morning where I didn’t feel like putting my feet on the floor and was lost in my own thoughts, when I opened my laptop and started writing. 20 mins later I had a song with 3 stanzas and a chorus I dug. A few days later I pulled out my guitar and added some music and melody and it just felt right. Sometimes I feel the urge to edit and edit and perfect and sometimes things just feel good as they are, and as an Artist I’m grateful to be learning when to back off.

Lia Glynias

Lia Glynias

So I went into the studio and recorded it. I’m really excited to debut this song in NYC this Saturday night at Red Lion in the West Village—but really grateful to have been able to perform it for the first time a few weeks ago at Mertz on Main in Illinois. St. Louis is full of so much rich music, moving back here last year has been a beautiful education that I’m happy to say has colored my music. Thanks to Kyle and all the other St. Louis performers I’ve had the privilege to meet this year for their influence, their music, and their friendship

You can check out some more of Lia’s music on her YouTube channel.

Lia Glynias Bio

Lia Glynias is an American singer-songwriter who’s influences range from St. Louis Rhythm & Blues to Jazz, bluegrass, and country music. In 2013 Lia played her first show in Brooklyn, NY and has traveled across the country playing music from Florida to California. A jazz vocalist at heart, she’s most recognized for her playful runs and artistic use of pause and emotion to take a quiet moment and make it large enough to fill a room.

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