Nathan Andrew Jones “An Affirmation”

So, when I rebooted my site as a blog that would have original music, I need to give a bit of credit to my friend Nathan Andrew Jones for encouraging me and being the first artist to share a song.  Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of playing some shows with Nathan and hear his sound in person.  Click play on the wonderfully produced track “An Affirmation” and read the background below.


Story behind “An Affirmation”

What’s the story behind the song?

The song “An Affirmation” focuses on how the phrase “I love you” can take on different meanings depending on the current circumstances of the relationship. We can say it as a promise looking to the future; we can say it as a prayer or supplication asking for the ability to love when we don’t feel it in the moment; and we can say it as an affirmation of what we know to be true. The song explores these three different angles of that phrase.

What has been your experience performing the song for an audience?

The song is somewhat new (as in less than a year old!) and the more I play it live, the more comfortable I get with the song. I feel that I may be able to bring out the emotions of the song even better when playing it live with just my guitar. People generally seem to appreciate the song, and I hope it speaks to some people’s experiences.

Nathan Andrew Jones

Nathan Andrew Jones

What was it like recording the song?

I knew early on that I wanted this song to have a piano lead part. Since I don’t know how to play piano or read music, I had to work with my pianist friend to show him the piano parts and the riffs in the intro and chorus. I also had parts planned out where I wanted added instruments like violin, accordion, and lap steel. Some instrument parts were tracked live, while others were overdubbed in separate sessions, but I think it all worked out pretty well.

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Nathan Andrew Jones Bio

Nathan Andrew Jones is a singer-songwriter based in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. Though born and raised in St. Louis, he has also had the privilege of playing his songs in cities like Las Cruces, New Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico; and Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Nathan’s 2017 debut EP Someone You Remind Me Of is a small collection of songs about some of our closest relationships, including friendship, marriage, and family. These songs speak of challenges and disappointments, but also include moments of hope and comfort. He hopes that listeners will find something that they can connect with in his songs- something that makes them think, something that brings back a memory, something that makes them smile.

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