Headlight Basin “Ventriloquist”

The world-wide aspect of Twitter is exciting. Like meeting Headlight Basin, the connection started with a simple message about music swapping. This seemed like a real message so I replied. Led to me checking out the music of this Barcelona, Spain based artist. This is raw, folky stuff.  I was just talking to a musical friend about some of the sounds of St. Louis and Headlight Basin seems to have transported a pinch of those sounds and put an edge to them.  Click this video and when you’re not marveling at the planking Telecaster, read about the song below.

Story Behind Ventriloquist

Ventriloquist is a song that came to me more or less formed and finished in half an hour. It’s strange how I can spend hours of time and not find anything good, and then when you are tuned to the right frequency something good flies straight into your head. This was that. The lyrics were subconscious as most of my stuff is. I don’t like to analyse it too much, but you could definitely say it’s anti-commercial and something of a complaint about soulless music.

The video definitely follows suit. I had the idea to lie down in random places as a way of saying ‘If you like my music, fantastic, but if you don’t, I’m not going to work my arse off to try and get you to’. This is kind of how I feel regarding my music. It’s not for everyone, in fact it’s not for most people. But there is a definite group of specific tastes, and straight up weirdos, who will like it. So I make it for them.

Headlight Basin

Headlight Basin

I also thought about the video for ‘Just’ by Radiohead. When the dude is lying on the ground and people get curious and ask him why. When he gives in and tells them, they are all lying on the ground. We made this video, my friend Alex and I, on a budget of zero. Hope you like it.

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