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I met Australian artist Ross Seddon through Twitter. Looking for artists to connect with I listened to his music. The swampy vibe of “Coming Home” grabbed me.  Click to play and read on.  Ross supplied some wonderful details about the song.

Story Behind “Coming Home”


The song examines a relationship off the rails and its reemergence as the relationship reforms. This reasonably common occurrence both in love relationships plus also could be family and friend relationships was the goal of the song.

The subject of the song, and could be male or female, reflecting both on the good and back while showing the emotions of wanting what they had via phrase “I’m coming home. The song suggests he or she has overcome what split them apart by returning whilst unable to fully understand why and what is the cause of the separation. This song explores that ability to throw aside things that previously caused a reaction and “settle up with things.”

The song set to blues rock feel sort of swampy in genre to match the cloud separating past to present and future. While the final chorus reviews the willingness to forget, rejoices in the return, whilst allowing and sub-conscious to return in “you take me down” being a glimpse into the past.

Song features simple structure featuring harmonica with strong power chords mixed slide guitar with a keyboard rhythm overlay. All this anchored by acoustic guitar underpinning the more featured instruments. The harmonic was used for both feature sections as well as to act as a push instrument in various area’s especially choruses.

The vocals are back by a soulful approach to background singers. The two-pitch technical to main vocal with the course to suggest the conscious and sub-conscious input by the person of the story.

Writing Process

Arguably the most asked question of a songwriter and without doubt a process that if healthy is rightfully subject to change. “Coming Home” musically started out as a pure inspiration. With form and vocal coming together almost immediately.  

The process on this track relied came from underlying acoustic guitar using a simple verse / chorus formation.

The main rhythm using acoustic guitar phrases hammered on and off with a drone open string holding rhythm together. Guitar also uses with small hook riffs to move the song back through its verse structures. The writing process stemmed from identifying the verse and chorus structure needed to provide the openness the vocal. Whilst not truly unusual the main structure is not tied to a chord formation rather a riff/drone combination. This allows the singing to move up and down in intensity generally starting with reflective openings in verses leading to the more demanding nature of the chorus section.

Words for me generally flow from a “light bulb thought” often during the initial inspiration process this song no different. Rarely do I depart to a completely different subject. Generally, I like to write then review later. This is because I generally feel high attachment to inspiration at time of writing, which I consider fundamental to process, but through review process I like to see if musically it can survive solo (stand-up) willing to provide more arrangement as required. I review lyrically the substance and structure to allow the listen to without promptly immerse themselves. All these matters can flow continuously through to final take of a song.

Ross Seddon

Ross Seddon

Performing and Audience

Coming Home has only has three performances to date as song was part of a new album and kept under wraps awaiting launch. Two concerts where full solo acoustic. One was in Thailand December 016 the other in Myanmar Dec’2016) and one full band at launch of album “You’re the Reason” in March 2017.

In performing, I have used this song to open. Whether it’s acoustic or a full band song I’ve developed alternative intros for live performance. This ability to establish a groove I like as a way of settling the nerves and creating time to communicate with audience and band.

Acoustic Performance: I focus on the drone and riff patterns to set the mood and as song is willing to drop back vocally in verses provide great light and shade.

Full Band Performance: the focus is on slide intro and drum feel with underlying electric guitar fulfilling the previous acoustic guitar workload. This song allows band and audience to slide into the groove of song and performance.


Only my recent album I employed stages of developing song to the studio recording.

  1. Initial iphone video – for me to review
  2. Garage band reworks – see experiment with sounds
  3. Serious demo (solo) – for arrangement progression and guide track

Recording Sessions

Coming home song was undertaken as a layered session approach. Each musician would come and play sometimes 1 – 5 tracks over a day, coming home might be one of those. After discussing of what feel flavor, tempo, arrangement I wanted session would progress. “Coming Home started with working with drummer on feel and emphasis that I pictured. I tried to ensure musicians own creative feel and style was also allowed to breath. This concept was used throughout each layer that was introduced. My job as producer and director was to mould my picture for the song through its segments – intro, verse, chorus, solo’s, out-tro building on the creativity and performance of the musician in that session. Hardest is always my own parts to review and scrutinize but that’s kinda normal.

Musicians For Coming Home

  • Drums – Chris Farace
  • Bass Guitar – Patrick Petein
  • Guitars – Mark Smith & Ross Seddon
  • Keyboards – Ben Stanford & Robert Dixon

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