Tracy Colletto “The Ride”

Twitter has been a great place to find new music.  I met Tracy Colletto sending blue birds around and checked out her music.  The storytelling vibe in Colletto’s folky genre combination of folk, country, Celtic, makes you want to listen to what comes next.  Click play on “The Ride” and enjoy the story.  Read about the song and Colletto below.

Story Behind “The Ride”

The Ride was one of the later songs written for my 2016 album, Chocolate Happy Cake. Being more of a balladeer at heart, I needed a few more upbeat tracks to round out the album. I liked the thought of paying tribute to people I have met along “the ride” of life. At first I was thinking of a bus theme where friends of mine would get on and off as life progressed, but later it became a positive spin on conflict resolution. Most of this song was written while driving or on lunch break, it took me a couple months to complete the lyrics although the melody came right away.

Tracy Colletto

Tracy Colletto

When it was time to record the track, I saw it as a fun type of song so the fiddle quickly came to mind. Gary Oleyar is the fiddle soloist, he tours with Loggins and Messina and it is great to have him featured. We all had a lot of fun recording it. So far, The Ride was nominated as Best Alt Country Song at the 15th Independent Music Awards in 2016 and it has received airplay on many independent radio shows globally, especially in the country genre. Many friends of mine like the catchy phrase, “It’s inevitable, inevitable.” If I did a music video for The Ride, it would have a hoedown theme.

Tracy Colletto Links

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Tracy Colletto Bio

Tracy Colletto’s lyrics are poetic and story-telling. Her delivery is straightforward and vulnerable, and with an emotive, versatile range. Several songs from her most recent album, Chocolate Happy Cake, have been added to the playlists for radio stations, including WXPN’s Sleepy Hollow and Women of Substance Radio. Her single, The Ride, is a recent nominee for Best Alt. Country Song at the 15th Annual Independent Music Awards. You can listen and purchase her music at, and her website
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