Lunar Tides “Would You Believe”

July 15, I met Lunar Tides the old fashioned way.  No, not MySpace, but in person.  I had the honor of opening for them at Moon City Pub in Springfield, MO.  A week or two before the show, I messaged Lucas O’Dougherty the drummer and one of the vocalists.  Before the show, I had a chance to meet him and the rest of the band.  I respect the attitude of the the band, they seem to “get it” and we were giving shout-outs for each other and made a cool connection.  Lunar Tides stream often on and have some music online.  Click play to catch this Carthage, MO trio perform “Would You Believe” and read about the band below.

Story Behind Lunar Tides

Hello Internet! We are Lunar Tides, a three piece rock band out of Carthage, MO. The band consists of Randy, Lucas and Lydia. A little family piece that has been heavily inspired by many genre’s and forms of music. We formed Lunar Tides in late 2013 after watching a documentary on Ian Curtis of Joy Division, and another documentary called “Horse the Band: Earth Tour” which was pretty life changing to say the least.

We hadn’t really had much experience playing music, and it had been quite some time since any of us had really touched any musical instruments or tried writing a solid song.

Lunar Tides

Lunar Tides

We kicked off writing our first songs Spring of 2014 trying to model our sound lo-fi, and similar to Joy Division from the late 70s, however over time this quickly changed to become more of a heavy melody riff based type of band with inspirations from the 80’s, to modern day metal and break downs. To be honest, we are probably still searching for our sound. Having only been a band for three years, I think we have plenty of exploring to do with out we continue to write and what will influence us next in the songwriting process.

We’ve been playing shows pretty solid for the last year. I think we did 13, which was a huge accomplishment for us. There were times early on that we didn’t think we’d even get to play one but it’s been a 99.9% positive experience for us in the Southwest MO area, with venues, bands, and other friends and family that have supported our music and what we do. We’re taking a few months off to recharge, work on a studio we’re building, write some more material and add a few covers to the set in the future, but we plan on playing out again this fall, and into the winter months. We hope to see you out!

Lunar Tides Links

You can find us on facebook, twitter, instagram,, youtube, etc.  We hope to see you out at a local show sometime.

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