Halfway Good “Letdown”

Again, Twitter is an excellent place to find new music and connect with artists.  I met Halfway Good through Twitter and we quickly worked together to get a blog post put together.  Click play on this California duo’s song “Letdown” and read the story below.

Story Behind Letdown

“Letdown” was written at weird time in my life, and is a song about just being frustrated with the world around you and not really caring about much of anything anymore. I wrote the riff for this song a few weeks before I wrote the lyrics. The riff is pretty fast paced and groovy, and unlike any of the other songs that we had at the time, so I was unsure about what type of vocals to put on top of it.
Eventually, amid my frustrations, I had the idea to make the vocals just as quick and erratic as the guitar, and soon I had two pages full of moody, manic-depressive lyrics to work with. When we began Halfway Good and started working on our debut album, we really had no direction for the band other than to do whatever we wanted to do, and this was one of the first few songs that came out of that mindset.
Halfway Good

Halfway Good

To me “Letdown” sets the tone for the record, and yet it sounds like nothing else on the record, as if to say “anything can happen here.” Recording this song and adding all the little voices in the background was really fun, and I think this song is by far my favorite on the album. – Dakota Tenhet (Guitar/Vocals – Halfway Good)

Halfway Good Bio

Halfway Good is a two-piece Indie Rock band from The San Joaquin Valley in California. Comprised of brothers Dakota Tenhet (Guitar/Vocals), and Ashton Lambert (Drums), the band is a result of all of their combined influences, and years of jamming in the bedroom they shared growing up.

Halfway Good Links

  1. www.twitter.com/halfwaygoodband
  2. www.instagram.com/halfwaygood
  3. www.snapchat.com/halfwaygood
  4. www.facebook.com/halfwaygood
  5. https://soundcloud.com/user-466013243
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