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Meeting like minded artists is always good.  Through Twitter, Marianne from Every Lovely Thing and I started talking about the music blog and setting up a song.  To find a song, I visited Every Lovely Thing’s site and really enjoyed the feel of “Running.”  The song is one that inspires lots of cool memories.  I found myself thinking of music from Tori Amos to Enigma and how my life intersected those sounds.  Click play on the beautiful video for “Running” and see what memories the song brings for you.  Every Lovely Thing is a musical duo from Dayton, OH.  Read about their music below as you listen.

Story Behind “Running”

We recorded ‘Running’ late July 2016. It was officially released August 26th, the video released October 1st. This was the culmination of writing songs together for over a year!
The song is about toxic relationships. Both of us are INFJs on the Myer’s-Briggs personality test and highly sensitive people – thus have had our share of relational struggles, sometimes feeling swallowed up, misunderstood, overrun by others. Rather than “I am a victim running away,” it is our intention to depict a healthy acceptance of ourselves, and of moving (or running) toward the freedom of positive life-affirming boundaries.
Every Lovely Thing

Every Lovely Thing

We feel like our emerging sound is ambient dream pop. We really had no parameters when we started writing music together other than to create a beautiful sound with authentic introspective lyrics. Kate brings her ethereal vocals and elegant piano stylings, with Marianne adding vocals and harmonies in a lower register, and often playing acoustic guitar.
The studio experience was amazing! Marianne has experience in the studio with her solo singer-songwriting career, but it was Kate’s first time recording professionally. We worked with Ben Kesler (Ex’treme Institute by Nelly) at Red Pill Studios in St. Louis. His expertise and quiet demeanor, plus our friendship and understanding of each other’s personalities and how that affects our work, helped create a beautiful studio experience!

Every Lovely Thing Bio

Every Lovely Thing is a music duo from Dayton, Ohio formed by singer-songwriter Marianne Kesler and Kate Stanton. Following a decade long friendship, the two decided over coffee to try writing a song together. Sharing lifelong passions for music, they had no idea what was in store for them. One song turned into twenty, monthly co-writing into weekly sessions. Before long the duo, dubbed Every Lovely Thing, was on their way to St. Louis to record their first single “Running” with producer Ben Kesler.
Their debut single “Running” is available on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and other online sources for digital music, as well as now playing on Spotify, and Cascade.FM!

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    I really love this song! It holds true meaning for me.

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