Alyssa Walker “Stupid Boy”

When you get to meet other artists and they have infectious energy, you can’t help but smile.  That’s the effect of San Diego based country singer Alyssa Walker and her song “Stupid Boy.”  Click play on the song and read the story of how this song was made.

Story Behind “Stupid Boy”

“Stupid Boy” is a song that I wrote when I was in a rough place. I had just had my heart broken for the first time and I really didn’t know how to deal with it. It took me awhile to get back into music, but when I did, the songs just kept coming. Stupid Boy was written when I finally realized that I was going to get through my heartbreak and that my ex wasn’t going to be able to destroy or control my life, whether he was a part of it or not. This was my most therapeutic song about my break up.

Being able to record this song with a Grammy winning producer, Steve Churchyard, was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had. Getting to share this song with the world is so important to me. I want this song to be relatable to other girls, and I want to be able to lift people’s spirits and let them know that even though there are going to be rough times, they are strong enough to get through anything.

Alyssa Walker

Alyssa Walker

You can find my song on itunes, spotify, soundcloud, amazon, and more. All my information is on my website at

Alyssa Walker Bio

Alyssa Walker is a talented singer-songwriter and acoustic guitar player. She developed a love for writing songs at a young age and currently has written over thirty original songs which she performs on a regular basis. Her lyrics not only tell a story, but are relatable to her fans, as many have reached out to Alyssa to tell her that her song “struck a chord” with them. Her music can be described as pop, indie, folk, country and Americana. She can also play a wide-range of covers from all different genres.

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