Detective Wadd “Sin Solución”

ReverbNation is second to Twitter in how I find new music.  With RN, the local aspect is really cool and, though Detective Wadd are not local to me, drifting through charts is how I found them.  On their page, I clicked play and the sound grabbed me, and like usual, brought back some memories.  The sound of NOFX and Bouncing Souls–especially the time I saw Bouncing Souls with Mustard Plug in St. Louis all came to mind listening to the Medellin, Columbia based Detective Wadd.  Check out “Sin Solución” and see if some punky past comes to mind as you listen.

Story Behind Sin Solucion

About the writing process of the song it was around one year ago when we where starting with the band and Xekthor the guitar player had done all the music of the songs we had at that time so I decided to put my hands to work and create some guitar riffs  and sent them to xekthor and he created the final structure. At that point there was no lyrics but I normally do it alone and at home in the night, is a good time to focus in such thing as the creation of the word of a song.
Detective Wadd

Detective Wadd

We have to say that the reaction of the audience has been really good and I have to say that is the most recognized song because hast that power and that beggining with the overdriven bass makes the people say “umm it seems that something interesting is coming.”
The recording process was incredibly fast because was done in a friend’s studio. That was really cool.  It was a friendly environment and everything flowed incredibly good.

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Detective Wadd Bio

Bio of the band: basicly this band was started as 4 friends that has played in different bands for long time in different types of music, from death metal to pop but pun was a genre of music we always eanted to do and once we meet and where drinking a couple of beers a decided to do a couple of songs to see how it was going to work and well we have been working since one year ago and has been a fantastic experience.
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