Erin Coburn “Downpour”

I’m always on the lookout for artists to connect with and give a platform for them to share their music.  On Twitter, I found Kentucky artist Erin Coburn.  When I checked out her site, I found this sound.  The first couple hits of the chords reminded me a little of “Little Wing” and the the rest of the song just had a cool, bluesy groove.  Click play on “Downpour” and see what you think of the groove.  Read about the song and Erin below.

The Story Behind Downpour

Downpour has quite the story behind it… It all started when I was in public high school, my freshman year, during my required gym class. EVERYONE in my gym class said bad words, and the gym teacher just let them off with a warning. One day, we were doing archery, something didn’t go right, and a certain word slipped out of my mouth right in front of the teacher. It starts with “F” and rhymes with “luck”. Of course, he heard it and asked me what I had just said. Now, me being the “goody-two shoes” not wanting to ruin my clean reputation said “nothing”. Later that day I found myself being called to one of the principal’s offices, and of course, this was not the nice principal. As soon as I walked through that door and sat down, the investigation began with me trying to figure out what I did wrong. I admitted it to the principal as soon as it dawned on me… oh, that word! She told me if I hadn’t admitted it to her I would’ve gotten suspended.

The whole reason for me getting TWO days, not one day of detention was because I did not admit to it right away in gym class. This was my first time ever doing something bad enough to be given a detention. I have always been good and never got in trouble. My record had been clean until this colorful word came out of my mouth! When my mom picked me up from school that day I immediately started crying in the car, hyperventilating, and sobbing that I now couldn’t get into college or get a good job. My life was ruined! My mom was ready to pull the car over and give me a good shaking and no amount of consoling from her was helping.

Erin Coburn

Erin Coburn

After arriving at home, I grabbed my guitar and let the emotions pour out. I wanted to tell my story in a way that didn’t come out and explicitly say everything that happened, as I was embarrassed. I wanted the song to have more emotion than anything. There’s a line in the song that says “ignore the rest of them, they don’t know you. Let them believe you are bad, but don’t let the cat out of the bag”. This addressed the time spent in detention with all senior boys who liked getting in trouble at school. I didn’t say anything while in there because I wanted them to believe I was a bada$$ when I was not.

How I came up with the name of the song was from not only crying that day, but it was raining, so what better name than “’Downpour”? I have definitely learned my lesson. From now on I am owning up to everything I say, because I know I mean to say it. I absolutely love performing this song because it lets me relive that day, but also laugh at it. My audiences always laugh at the story, so why shouldn’t I? I think some of them are shocked because of how innocent I am. I recorded this song in Clarksdale, Mississippi, one of my favorite places, with 2 time grammy nominated producer, Gary Vincent. The music video was filmed in a historic building in Lawrenceburg, Indiana at Poor Indiana Man Production. In both instances, I tried to portray my emotions of this song. I even put some context in the music video (a board that says “detention”, breakfast club vibes anyone?). Downpour has allowed me to be more comfortable with the things I say and do. Thank you *gym teacher* for the detention.

Erin Coburn Bio

Erin Coburn is a songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist bringing a style all her own across a wide range of musical genres. Her prowess on guitar and electric ukulele are a striking compliment to her original lyrics and honey hued vocals.

Going to every open mic around town at the age 11, Erin honed her improvisation skills with several local bands. She got her first paid gig at age 12 and recorded her first original album, Chaos Before Conformity at 14. Erin regularly performs across the U.S. at venues and festivals of all sizes. Erin’s second album, Queen Of Nothing, is the expression of a woman coming of age in a confusing, mixed up, and often cruel world. The songs are easy to relate to, often hitting close to home. The album was recorded at Clarksdale Soundstage in Mississippi by 2-time Grammy nominated producer, Gary Vincent. 15 tracks take the listener on a journey that is a little bit alt rock with a good dose of blues – a sound all it’s own.

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