Contact + Booking

Contact for Booking

To book please contact Kyle via email, or call or text 314.225.5272.  When leaving a message, please leave your name and relevant information. When texting, please mention that you’re contacting about music.

Depending on the setting and your preferences, Kyle can play all original music, cover songs, and even jazz standards.  See what Kyle might play.  Social media gives a way to directly message Kyle.  Get guitar lesson related information.

Social Media Contact

Here’s a visual list of social media links.  Feel free to like, follow, or contact.  Social media, obviously will have any announcements of upcoming events but Kyle often shares different flavors of life on each.  Facebook is all about music.  Instagram is a visual mix of life and music.  SoundCloud is the launching place for new sounds.  Twitter is a stew of hashtag magic.

If you are a fellow musician, network with Kyle.  Part of the power of playing at an open mic and seeing other artists is the chance to build that artistic community.  Social media allows those community connections to extend between communities.  Kyle truly enjoys finding new music and connecting with artists of all kinds.

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