Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Kyle gives guitar lessons when time is available.  With over 35 years of playing guitar, around 20 years as a teacher, and almost 10 years of performing, Kyle has a wide range of experiences to share.  He plays in two cover bands.  The bands cover a range or rock, RnB, and country songs.  Contact to ask about availability.

Scale Links

  1. Major
  2. Dorian
  3. Phrygian
  4. Lydian
  5. Mixolydian
  6. Minor
  7. Locrian

Book Information

Kyle has written two books on guitar that support his guitar lessons.  The Walz Guitar Method book is a non-linear guide to learning guitar.  Organized around goals, the book guides beginners through a set of lessons that help them learn to play what they want to play.  For more advanced players, Soloing On Guitar, approaching soloing by playing technique.  This qay players can learn various techniques and learn how to piece those together in order to have varied musical expressions.

A book Kyle uses in guitar lessons.

A book Kyle uses in guitar lessons.

Guitar Philosophy

Like most musical studies, the idea is efficiency of movement.  In other words, be lazy.  Playing music should not be a cumbersome job where you exert with your fingers massive force to create tone or percussive pops.  Music should be a fluid communication.  (Obviously when performing, you may dance and exert your passion in a more physical way but making the sound is different than expressing the sounds.)

Musician Health

Musicianship usually requires a little bit of fitness since you train your muscles to do things which your ears want to hear. With your fingers, stretch often so the tendons can move quickly–it’s about speed not strength for the most part.  Keep your wrists as unbent as you can and stretch so you open your wrist.  This will help keep you nerves from being pinched.  Don’t forget to breath so your body is getting lots of oxygen in the blood which will go to your hands as you play.

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