Electronic Press Kit

Welcome to Kyle Walz’s electronic press kit (EPK).  This EPK contains various types of media for promotional purposes.  Visual, audio, video, and textual media may be used for promotion or other press related purposes.  You may contact Kyle online or via text or call 314-225-5272.  Kyle has various live music options ranging from popular cover songs to funky blues originals.

Show Calendar

Kyle has played shows in nine states: Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, New York, and Wisconsin.  See upcoming dates.  See past dates.


Live video shot in January, 2018 in New York City.

Live video shot in August, 2017.  This shows Kyle’s full sound for a solo performer.

“Under Your Feet” shot and edited by TuGris Media at Pumphouse in Wichita, Kansas during September, 2017.


Kyle Walz at Pumphouse in Wichita

Kyle Walz at Pumphouse in Wichita

Kyle Walz at Listen Up STL in Chesterfield

Kyle Walz at Listen Up STL in Chesterfield

Kyle Walz addressing crowd Listen Up STL in Chesterfield

Kyle Walz addressing crowd Listen Up STL in Chesterfield

Kyle Walz at Evangeline's in St. Louis

Kyle Walz at Evangeline’s in St. Louis

Music Release Links

Press and Reference

People have written about Kyle and his music.  Here is a list of links.

  • Appeared as the featured performer on WMUU in Madison, WS
  • Appeared on Uptown Bill’s Presents Thursday Night Live on PATV.TV in Iowa City, IA
  • Feature article, interview, and tour in The Missourian 
  • Interview in Exposed Vocals
  • Diffused review in Sister Dorthy’s Music Blog
    • Today I had the pleasure to hear Kyle Walz’s new album “Diffused.” This album is super funky and bluesy. Kyle’s voice compliments his superb guitar playing. While staying steady with the beat Kyle will have you grooving straight off the get go.
  • “One More Day” review in Wolf In A Suit
    • We always need some good old blues in our lives, this time around the man bringing it home is Kyle Walz with his song “One More Day”. It’s got the guitar that is so representative of that genre that has inspired and been the home of many greats like B.B. King, Muddy Waters and more. The song flows so amazingly with the help of a chorus that is just right to listen and to enjoy.
  • “It’s A Shame” review in Tuned Loud!
    • I say this because Kyle Walz’s mostly acoustic Alt-Americana-Bluesman chops, borders on the raw and essential. The dude is a keeper. There is simply little else that sounds like this music right now – it swings, it rocks, it grooves, it flows, it chops, it dices – it just works.
  • “It’s A Shame” review in Stereo Stickman
    • After a few listens you get the melody of that hook caught in your mind, and the great thing is that the music drops away and starts back up again as and when it needs to – there’s a very specific structure to Kyle Walz’ song writing style, and this is one of the most effective things about it. It’s blues music, sure, but there’s so much else to listen to here. It’s blues music for the new world, something that feels homely, familiar, yet requires you to open your mind a little and accept the new sound of today.
  • Writer’s Month Activities The Missourian
  • Artist Profile Jazz Times
  • Album Review All About Jazz
  • Album Review Jazz Corner
  • Artist Interview The Missourian
  • appeared on Open Mic Radio on 1380 The X, St. Louis, MO

Kyle’s music is being played on various places.  Here are some internet stations and play lists.  Visit Kyle’s Twitter for current play information.

From the mouths of people who have booked Kyle to perform, here is some information about his performances.

Randy Meyer, Host of Henry House Concerts; Pacific, MO

  • Kyle’s guitar resonates catchy and cool … that’s about the only way to classify him. Some combination of jazz, pop, country, rock, blues, punk, and calypso collide in a spicy-sweet stew, screaming archetypal and rare. Provocative lyrics of intellect and insight, accompanied by nimble picking, engage the ear like a dulcet summer storm. Yep, Kyle Walz is that kind of musician.

Steve Perron, Open Mic Host at The Wolf; Ballwin, MO

  • I am the host of the weekly open mic and monthly songwriters showcase at The Wolf in Ballwin. Our open mic is arguably the best in St. Louis and we feature many of the best local songwriters. Kyle Walz is the ONLY writer to date who has been invited to play the [Songwriter’s] showcase twice. Kyle’s songs have great hooks and better still, tell wonderful stories. Along with his writing skills, he is a gifted live performer who engages with the audience. And let’s not forget his playing expertise. You’re not going to hear bland 3-chord patterns in Kyle’s songs. By the way, he is also an accomplished engineer and producer, and those skills clearly come through in his writing and playing.

Curt Newsome, Owner-Operator of Michelle’s; Eureka, MO

  • When we started open mic night at Michelle’s, the customers had no idea the treat in store for them when Kyle Walz took the mic and shared with us his original songs. With his prolific guitar playing skills and songwriting talents, Kyle is a crowd favorite at Michelle’s!

Genetta Tomnitz, Teacher and organizer of Writer’s Month Activities; Pacific, MO

  • Walz’s music reminds us of the transcendence from archaic repetitive clichés of youth to the complexities of adult experiences. Though his guitar skills are prominent in his music, it is the combination of lyrics and riffs that cause you to delve into your inner memories and current desires. One moment you are taken back to a memory that made life simple and made you smile, and the next you are considering where your life is right now and where you desire it to go, whether you can say those desires out loud or not. “If You Only Knew” and “Drawn to You” are examples of songs with melodies that stay with you long after the song ends, and lyrics that make you yearn for someone who haunts your thoughts as much as the songs’ melodies do.

Brief Bio

Musician by night; teacher by day.  Kyle Walz makes a lot of sound with his one-man-band style.  Whether playing a mix of popular rock, country, and blues cover songs or his original funky blues tunes, you can be sure that Kyle will put on a show that combines musicianship with an inviting personality.  Kyle has played shows in nine states and has graced the stage in New York, NY with his solo performances.  Local to the St. Louis, MO area, Kyle is proud to call Eureka home.

Some Online Comments

Here are a few accolades and comments from Twitter.

Here are some YouTube comments.  Most are comments related to my submissions to a song-a-week group.


Here is a medley of cover songs recorded live.

The following audio tracks come from Kyle’s 2016 album, Diffused.

Electronic Press Kit

Kyle is readily available on various social media, on KyleWalz.com, and via phone.  The entire electronic press kit is updated regularly.
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