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Looking for more images than what is on the Electronic Press Kit?  Click here for pictures.  Want to read the lyrics to the song?  Click here for lyrics.

Current Music

Kyle’s latest release of music, Hallowed, is all original songs written and sung by Kyle.  The songs generally fit the rock genre and all the songs have a storytelling vibe.  The music ranges from autobiography to Kyle’s unique perspective on life and love.  Buy the album at AmazonGoogle Play Store, and CD Baby.

Kyle playing his music at The Wolf.

Kyle telling the backstory to a song at The Wolf.

Buy Or Listen To Other Musical Releases

Kyle has four albums available through various online distributors.  One of the albums, Lifted Standards, received some press and earned Kyle an article in the Jazz Times.  Links to Kyle’s artist page:

Future Music

Kyle writes new songs often and usually shares this in one of a couple ways.  At an open mic event such at The Wolf in Ballwin, MO or Michelle’s in Eureka, MO, Kyle will try a song in front of a live audience.  Other times, he’ll record and post to SoundCloud and thereby share through various social media sites.

With new songs, the idea is to see if a song resonates with anyone.  As most songwriters know, just because the songwriter loves or hates a song isn’t always the barometer to gauge if the song works or not.  Besides discovering how people react, playing new music is exciting and nerve wracking.  Hearing the live music bounce off the venue walls back to the stage as you perform let’s you get a light layer of objectivity with your music.  Looking around the room and seeing which lyrics or musical phrases catch people to smile is a great way to put the song to the ultimate test.

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