Have you thought about how hard it is to get pictures of yourself performing?  As a do-it-yourself styled songwriter, I’m always asking my wife or a friend to use my phone to get pics so I can have a media page.  A couple times, I’ve balanced my phone in the mic clip of a stand to get pics or video.  So, please appreciate the unseen effort that went into generating this collection of media.


The following collection of visual media is a mix of photographs and created visuals.  Most have been posted on Kyle’s Instagram.

Performance Shots


Diffused continued the media strategy of Hallowed with lyric images released weekly prior to release.  Making these images is a fun way to look at your songs.  You can set part of the words with an image to add more depth or change the meaning and context.  Some abstract notions are hard to find a good match between words and visual.


When preparing to release Hallowed, I started creating images that contain, as Ari Herstand describes, the tattoo line of the song.  Since I created these myself, some are better than others. But, the project served to helped promote the songs and get the word out about the album.

DIY Musicians

Going back to the late 1980’s where Kyle first encountered the St. Louis punk scene then moved to Springfield, MO and became a “scene kid” of the underground music culture there.  Kyle appreciates the do-it-yourself ideas and continues that in his music and marketing now.  Although Kyle tends to create various pieces of media (mainly because he’s inpatient and like to do it himself), if you’d like to create some art based on lyrics or music please contact Kyle.  Kyle is always looking for ways to network and share ideas with other artists and this topic of media would be a great way to collaborate.

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