American Music Standard “Hear Me Clearly”

Music truly is a network.  I found American Music Standard on BandCamp while looking for some artists for a Memphis, TN show.  This is the first time I get to blog someone before preparing to meet them.  Check out the band’s mixed genre sound–I love how their songs vary yet all have a characteristic vibe that lets you know, “hey, it’s those guys” and you’ll smile.  Click play on the song “Blues Gone Bad” below and read the story in two of the band members’ words.

The Story Behind “Hear My Clearly”

Here is the song’s story in the words of Tyler and Ian.


Hear Me Clearly is one of the most raw and genuine songs that we have written as a group, in the sense that we wrote it purely on the “feel” we had at the time. The song is about people only noticing me when I am performing but not when I really need someone to listen. People tend to really listen when you’re on stage, but forget about you as soon as the show is over. At the same time, people listen to the music but don’t always pay attention to the words or the deeper meaning behind what you are trying to say. So no matter how hard I tried to reach out for someone, no one was listening. The song is kind of about hitting a breaking point and not really knowing what to do. The lyrics were mostly improvised during one of our band practices. I had these thoughts in my head and just started screaming them into a microphone during the middle of a jam session. We immediately knew there was something special about this song. I wrote down the words, Ian kept and refined the chord progression, and we played it again. Hear Me Clearly was born.

American Music Standard

American Music Standard


Hear Me Clearly has an interesting feel because of its slow tempo and its dark, yet heavy sound. In the recording, we used a wah effect on the guitars during the verses. But instead of moving the pedal around while playing for a typical wah sound, we found a good position for the pedal and just left it there, so it really acts more like a simple filter. And if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that the 2 guitars are set to different positions, so they have slightly different “flavors,” and they change slightly between verses. This is complemented by the lead vocal track, which has a bit of subtle distortion during the verses. In order to make the chorus hit hard, we took away most of the effects from the guitars and vocals, which really brightens up the sound. And to this day I’m very proud of that guitar solo; according to Tyler it’s my best one so far. The songwriting process was also unique for that song. Usually Tyler or I will finish most of a song on our own before presenting it to the band. In the case of Hear Me Clearly, we wrote the song together at band practice, so everyone (including the drummer, my brother Ashton) played an equal role in developing the sound. I think that’s why the rhythm became such a critical part of that song. It’s amazing how your songwriting style changes when there’s actually a drummer in the room with you.

American Music Standard Bio

American Music Standard is a hard rock band based in Memphis, Tennessee; a city famous for being home of the blues and the birthplace of rock n’ roll. Founded in 2010 by Tyler Hopgood (lead vocals) and Ian Drake (lead guitar), we take everything people love about classic rock — the style, the sound, the attitude — and crank it up a few notches for modern audiences. Along the way, we mix in our own artistic vision to create music that is truly new and original, while still paying tribute to one of the most influential musical genres of all time.

American Music Standard Links

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Erin Coburn “Downpour”

I’m always on the lookout for artists to connect with and give a platform for them to share their music.  On Twitter, I found Kentucky artist Erin Coburn.  When I checked out her site, I found this sound.  The first couple hits of the chords reminded me a little of “Little Wing” and the the rest of the song just had a cool, bluesy groove.  Click play on “Downpour” and see what you think of the groove.  Read about the song and Erin below.

The Story Behind Downpour

Downpour has quite the story behind it… It all started when I was in public high school, my freshman year, during my required gym class. EVERYONE in my gym class said bad words, and the gym teacher just let them off with a warning. One day, we were doing archery, something didn’t go right, and a certain word slipped out of my mouth right in front of the teacher. It starts with “F” and rhymes with “luck”. Of course, he heard it and asked me what I had just said. Now, me being the “goody-two shoes” not wanting to ruin my clean reputation said “nothing”. Later that day I found myself being called to one of the principal’s offices, and of course, this was not the nice principal. As soon as I walked through that door and sat down, the investigation began with me trying to figure out what I did wrong. I admitted it to the principal as soon as it dawned on me… oh, that word! She told me if I hadn’t admitted it to her I would’ve gotten suspended.

The whole reason for me getting TWO days, not one day of detention was because I did not admit to it right away in gym class. This was my first time ever doing something bad enough to be given a detention. I have always been good and never got in trouble. My record had been clean until this colorful word came out of my mouth! When my mom picked me up from school that day I immediately started crying in the car, hyperventilating, and sobbing that I now couldn’t get into college or get a good job. My life was ruined! My mom was ready to pull the car over and give me a good shaking and no amount of consoling from her was helping.

Erin Coburn

Erin Coburn

After arriving at home, I grabbed my guitar and let the emotions pour out. I wanted to tell my story in a way that didn’t come out and explicitly say everything that happened, as I was embarrassed. I wanted the song to have more emotion than anything. There’s a line in the song that says “ignore the rest of them, they don’t know you. Let them believe you are bad, but don’t let the cat out of the bag”. This addressed the time spent in detention with all senior boys who liked getting in trouble at school. I didn’t say anything while in there because I wanted them to believe I was a bada$$ when I was not.

How I came up with the name of the song was from not only crying that day, but it was raining, so what better name than “’Downpour”? I have definitely learned my lesson. From now on I am owning up to everything I say, because I know I mean to say it. I absolutely love performing this song because it lets me relive that day, but also laugh at it. My audiences always laugh at the story, so why shouldn’t I? I think some of them are shocked because of how innocent I am. I recorded this song in Clarksdale, Mississippi, one of my favorite places, with 2 time grammy nominated producer, Gary Vincent. The music video was filmed in a historic building in Lawrenceburg, Indiana at Poor Indiana Man Production. In both instances, I tried to portray my emotions of this song. I even put some context in the music video (a board that says “detention”, breakfast club vibes anyone?). Downpour has allowed me to be more comfortable with the things I say and do. Thank you *gym teacher* for the detention.

Erin Coburn Bio

Erin Coburn is a songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist bringing a style all her own across a wide range of musical genres. Her prowess on guitar and electric ukulele are a striking compliment to her original lyrics and honey hued vocals.

Going to every open mic around town at the age 11, Erin honed her improvisation skills with several local bands. She got her first paid gig at age 12 and recorded her first original album, Chaos Before Conformity at 14. Erin regularly performs across the U.S. at venues and festivals of all sizes. Erin’s second album, Queen Of Nothing, is the expression of a woman coming of age in a confusing, mixed up, and often cruel world. The songs are easy to relate to, often hitting close to home. The album was recorded at Clarksdale Soundstage in Mississippi by 2-time Grammy nominated producer, Gary Vincent. 15 tracks take the listener on a journey that is a little bit alt rock with a good dose of blues – a sound all it’s own.

Erin Coburn Links

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After A Year Of Music Goals and Moving On

Last year, I stated some goals and plans for the year.  Reviewing how those went, changed, and culminated is leading me to preparations for 2018.  Beginning the year with goals, set me on a course of events that led to good things.  The adage of you can make your success holds true for the most part.  If you clearly define what you want and plan how to achieve it, you have a method for measuring success.  A good way to summarize my thoughts here is to value your time.  Value does not necessarily mean money but you should have a goal for everything you do.

2017 Goals

I began the year with three main goals: play solo gigs, add video streaming, and work smarter–meaning plan and evaluate what works.  With solo gigs, the idea was to achieve a very modest money goal each month.  In March, I added some new gear paid for entirely with music money from that and previous months, and I realized something about my goals.  Two were completely off.  Everything was dependent on the first goal.  Music to me is about fun but I’ve been doing it long enough to know it should support itself.  Well, I wanted to do a little better than break even.  So from April onward, that goal of earning $X was the guiding goal.  Looking at the year, the modest goal I set for myself needed to be increased by 34%.

Now, if you are a musician and you don’t know how to monitor nor manage what you earn or do, stop and learn.  Right now.  Seriously.  Spreadsheets are your friend.  Don’t party so hard you can’t math.

By combining my goals into one, I could focus.  Focus extremely well.  Finding venues and working on expanding into some new areas was a task that was easy to do and was well organized.  Things were moving forward nicely until May or so when I received an email about blogging music.  While talking to this blogger, I learned that my new friend Christopher makes his living by booking tours.  Game changed, but goals unchanged.

By combining my goals into one, I could focus.

By combining my goals, this huge change in the game had no impact on my goal.  In fact, my goal helped me evaluate if touring would yield returns.  A vlog and details of the tour can be found here.

So, the year ended with me meeting my goal in gross revenue.  In net revenue, the month of heavy touring didn’t meet the goal.  Things went so well that I surpassed what I did with music last year with only a few month into the year.  Most importantly, I learned much through everything I did and learned how to keep growing.

2018 Goal

The goal for 2018 is similar to the combined goal of 2017, earn $X a month with music.  The X is slightly higher than in 2017.  The reason for increasing is I’m looking at when I can retire from my day job.  Retirement will provide more time and an economic safety net for my artistic endeavors.  The idea last year was to grow music to a level where by the time I retire I could pay some bills.  Last year went well enough, I had to increase my goal.  So, increasing the goal by a small amount over the next few years will achieve just that.  Remember, if you can’t see where you want to be in a few years and how you can do that in achievable pieces, go read about goals and being successful.  This is not magical, esoteric knowledge.

Some details for 2018 are an album release and a tour to support that.  The last time I released an album, I broke even in six months.  I just happened to realize that happened without the feat being planned.  This time, I want to break even in four months from the release date.  Through live engagements and sales, I can make that happen.  Depending on the touring situation, the extra costs will make that more difficult.  To gauge the new album goal, I’m planning on meeting my usual goal first then look at income above that goal being applied to the new album goal.  In other words, for four months my $X is increased.

Don’t party so hard you can’t math.

Another idea that’s on my back burner is writing a book or something that outlines my business model for music.  I talk to many musician friends that either don’t really organize their efforts or try to apply pieces of strategies pointed at making music a full time job. For me, music is part time.  I’m fine with that.  I enjoy figuring out how to manage my time and efforts to produce a results I want.  I have a variety in regular venues from free to paid with other amenities.  What I do works.  More importantly, I’m not working that hard at it.  Meaning, I’m not spending hours a day killing my motivation trying to be the next star which in turn ruins my creative spirit.  I’m having fun, I’m creating lots of content, my live show is improving, I’m growing.  Also, creating guides and manuals is what I do in my day job teaching.  Putting together a description of my business model can help people without giving away any “secrets” I may have learned.  And, such a description would show the viability of art on a different level.

Happy New Year!

2018 promises opportunity in many forms.  My 2017 had some interesting things in it–personally, professionally, and musically. 2018 will likely be similar.  I hope the good trends sustain and I will continue to focus on growth and holding my goal as my main consideration.

Here’s a Sonic Bids article that supports a lot of these ideas.

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Hannah McKee “November 2nd”

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I traveled to Louisville, KY to play a show.  The venue asked for some local support and I found Hannah McKee on Bandcamp.  I loved her work and thought her sound would add some compliment and variety.  Her song “November 2nd” has that quality of connecting to memories.  Click play and see what you remember as you listen.  Read the story behind the song below.

The Story Behind November 2nd

November 2nd is a song I wrote about idealizing people. I’ve found throughout my life that I have a bad habit of forming an idealistic vision of who someone is before I’ve actually gotten to know them. I think we all do that to some extent, especially with people who are “famous”, and it’s always disappointing when we discover that they aren’t who we made them out to be, even if who they really are is a wonderful human.
I jotted down the first shreds of lyrics for this song in the middle of the night on the way back from a concert in Nashville where I had an experience like this. One of my absolute favorite artists (who I had a friend of a friend connection with), was playing a show and it was my first time seeing him headline, not just open for someone. For some reason I had built up this persona in my head of who he was and what the night was going to be like, but by the end of the concert I had realized that a person is just a person. No matter how talented or incredible they are, they’re still human, and it’s unfair of me to expect anything different.

Hannah McKee

Hannah McKee

Interestingly, this past summer when I was performing this song in Cincinnati, a friend of mine came up to me after and said that she loved the song, and that it exactly described how she felt about our mutual friend, the guy I wrote the song about! She had no idea at the time that that was who it was actually written about.
I hope you enjoy the song, and if you also find yourself making other humans into something more than just that, I hope you will try, as I do, to show some grace.

Hannah McKee Bio

Hannah McKee is a singer-songwriter from Jacksonville, FL, currently located in Louisville, KY. Her debut album, RAW, which focused on authenticity and vulnerability, sought to fearlessly share the things of the heart, in hopes that listeners will feel understood, and encouraged to do the same. Her forthcoming album, Wash, will be a cataloguing of change. The first single, Is Love Just Feeling Weak in the Knees Because If So I Don’t Want It, has been released on all platforms.

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Fall Tour 2017 In Review

During the summer of 2017, I connected with a tour manager and we planned out a series of weekend dates.  From July 31 to December 9, I played fourteen shows in Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Arkansas.  Yes, I have a day job and play locally around St. Louis too.  I grew a beard.  It has gray hairs.  I met cool people and have some stories to tell.  I’ll tell the highlights and give a little financial information.  For a first tour, I spent more than I made but I got better by the end and learned an invaluable amount.

My songwriter friend, Nathan Andrew Jones, suggested I vlog the tour after I told him about the first trip.  This play list captures most of October and has the November and December dates.


To begin, I headed to Indianapolis to 10 Johnson Street and played as a featured artist.  The main goal of this tour was to get into different markets.  Playing as a featured artist does just that–you get a bit of the spotlight and can network with local players.  What I forgot about in Indy was that I was in a different time zone.  My phone was correct but my car was not.  I overpaid for a hotel room because it was later than I thought.  First lesson learned–book your room in advance.


From Indy, I drove to Muncie, IN the next day.  At Be Here Now, I was a featured performer again.  Be Here Now has a college-artsy vibe and is a place you can just hang out.  After Muncie, I had a couple weeks.  My day job started back up then it was time to hit the road.

In mid-August, I performed as a duo with a friend of mine Scott Schuchmann.  We played in the afternoon at Gerstle’s Place in Louisville, KY.  We left early in the morning to play 11am-3pm.  We arrived without a minute to spare, my fault in navigation, and the best chicken and biscuits ever.  We shook the cook’s hand.  It was that good.  From there, I had a month from traveling and played locally.


The last Friday in September, my wife rode with me to Wichita, KS to play at The Pumphouse.  This may have been the most attended show of the tour.  There were many inside and I played outside at a very busy corner.  Hundreds walked by and there were many that came inside.  We had to return early the next morning for a local show.


This was the month that was packed.  Well, packed at first.  The first weekend, I drove to Louisville to play again at Gerstle’s.  That was a fun crowd and maybe the second most attended show of the tour.  The following day I drove to Nashville to play but when I arrived a sign hung in the door stating, “Closed.  Private party.”  I checked with the staff and the private party did not include me so I drove home.  I did have a local Sunday show but that canceled as well.  This was the first vlog so you can tell I’m finding my voice doing that.

The second weekend I drove to Wichita, KS to play Kirby’s Beer Store and on Saturday I went to Salina, KS to play Ad Astra Coffeehouse.  Since I had the day to spend, I looked up music stores in Salina.  That’s where I found my new guitar.  Now, as a guitar player, I have enough guitars.  Yeah, I’m an unusual dude.  But, I’m good with my instruments.  I tried a guitar and it didn’t feel right and this Fender Duo-Sonic was hanging just calling to me.  I spent a couple hours playing it in the store.  Finally, I understood retail therapy and really needed that.  The guitar has now become my solo gigging guitar and my site now bares the surf green color scheme.  After playing in Salina, I drove part way back and played locally for Sunday brunch.

The third week was an extended weekend.  With my day job teaching, I get an extra day off for parent conferences and traveled to Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois that week.  In Iowa City, I played Uptown Bill’s.  This was a feature spot that was broadcast on public access tv.  On this trip, my GPS started giving me drive times that were off by an hour.  That was the only stressful part about the whole tour actually–getting somewhere on time.  So, driving from Iowa City to Madison, WS, my drive time was unpredictable.  The Madison stop was a date I booked myself.  I did that before the tour manager could secure a date.  The Fountain in Madison is tied in second for the most attended.  The event was broadcast on local radio part of the time and there was a tremendous amount of foot traffic due to homecoming weekend for the university.  The next day I went to the north burbs of Chicago–Glenview, IL to play at The Rock House.  I drove home that night.

The fourth week, my wife rode with me to Milwaukee, WS.  We left early enough so we could have dinner there and enjoy a little time.  The show was at Art*Bar Riverwest.  Though I’m a relatively smart person, I’m very bad with dates.  I did not think about the last weekend being Halloween.  One extra cool thing about Milwaukee was that I got to meet an online music friend who lives there.


I had three weeks before hitting the road again in November.  Just to show how busy things were, I played six shows locally in those three weeks.  No sleep for Kyle.

The week of Thanksgiving, I drove to Muncie, IN on Tuesday to return to Be Here Now.  Now, I can say I had no gear failures nor did I lose anything–no cords, not even a guitar pick.  But, the day before I was conferencing with my tour manager and he said to be wary of failures; they will happen.  So, Tuesday eve, I plugged in and had limited sound.  I had no time to check it out.  I was disappointed for that reason but more so because the staff remembered me and we had a blast in August.  The next day, I didn’t have any means to probe the problem and drove to Louisville, KY to play at Magnolia Bar.  When there, I plugged in and the same thing.  I drove home that night and the next day, woke up and saw in less than two minutes that a button was pushed in that should not have been.  Despite that hickup, I could plan ahead and it didn’t effect my performance at the Magnolia Bar.  I shared the stage with a couple local performers and I’m hoping to blog them soon.


The end of November was the first time I had off since September.  So much happened in those couple months…way beyond the scope of music.  But, December came around and I was ready.  The second weekend, I drove to Eureka Springs, AR to play at Brews.  Though I’ve just been giving a basic summary of everything here, I have been learning lessons along the way.  My first night I didn’t book a room in advance and over paid, this time I had everything down and the only costs I had were gas and tipping staff.  As a traveling musician, think ahead and make everything a situation from which you can learn.  After playing, I drove to my parents near Springfield, MO.  The next day I drove to Poplar Bluff, MO to play The Wine Rack and Java Stop Cafe.  Both shows went well and I drove home Saturday night, slept a few hours and played a local brunch show.  Then I came home and stared at nothing.  For about five hours.


Goals and Finances

As mentioned before, the goal was to get into different markets.  Also, for me, the goal was to increase my local value.  Through working on those goals, I learned much inside information about how to communicate, what not to do (there’s more than you’d think), and how to present yourself.  For future purposes, the goal of getting into different markets will be evaluated.  There were two return bookings at venues and returns to the same market, so the fulfillment of that goal seems promising.  For increasing local value, I’m getting into new local venues and staying booked up.

For the finances, many details fall into the non-disclosure disclosure area so, I’m generalizing here.  I recouped 40% of what I spent.  Meaning, if I spent $1000, I made back $400.  What surprised me is I spent about the same amount for rooms as I did gas and travel fees.  The breakdown was 42% gas, 42% rooms, 16% food.  Since I have a day job, some of the expenses were not an issue and I enjoyed everything and took in local flavor as much as I could.

And Now For Something Completely The Same

I’ll do more dates like this in the future.  I learned so much and enjoyed working with my tour manager and going through the process.  With a new album coming in 2018, I’m looking at touring options over the summer and considering taking a chunk of time to tour as opposed to weekends.

I know I may have left some things out.  I’m tired.  It’s the Monday after as I typed this so I’ll likely read this many times and remember things I should have added.  But, that is part of the experience too.

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My Songwriting Process

Recently, a situation arose that inspired me to think about my creative process.  More specifically, how life inspires my creations.

As a songwriter, I gather inspiration from experiences and observations.  In turn, those become stories in my songs.  Experiences that are great, horrible, life changing, mistakes, thought provoking, and humorous all can influence my stories.  Likewise, observations that are of people doing good, bad, awesome, and selfish actions can influence my stories.  The common ground is that experience and observation influence the fiction I create.

…the fiction I create.

Rarely does 100% of a song reflect something that actually happened as it actually happened.  Some songs get close.  Really close.  Some songs get no closer than you currently are to Neptune.  Neptune is further than Uranus.

I try to take the inspirations for a song, which vary, and create details to which people may relate.  Therein lies the crux of the recent situation.  But more on the idea first…  Songwriters want to write a song that connects to a memory, generates a feeling, or causes reflective thought in the greatest amount of people that hear the song.  I realize I’m not going to be a world famous or even regionally famous songwriter.  I write because I love the creative outlet, I do well performing my original content, and there’s always the opportunity to connect your art with people.

The situation, simply–my songs aren’t about you.  Maybe inspired by something you did, said, mentioned, or possibly mumbled.  Or, not.  If you find yourself or a friend or anyone in one of my songs, it’s because I’m trying to write about relatable topics that people can understand.

The situation, simply–my songs aren’t about you.

To expand on why I write, focus on the phrase ‘creative outlet’ take the word ‘outlet.’  Long story for another time–I’m an emotional person.  It’s just how I’m made.  I feel sad; I write sad songs.  I feel happy; I write happy songs.  I feel moody and hurt; I’ll write (guess…) songs that see the world in moody and hurtful eyes.  I write to process my feelings.  Friends are an area in which I’m poor.  Yes, I have a few people that I know through music or work, but rarely do people know me.  I’m not complaining, I’m describing.  Due to my shortage of willing ears, I have my art to process my feelings.

Please understand what I am describing here.  Experience and observation lead to inspiration.  Inspiration leads me to create stories that attempt to have universal elements that lead to people making connections.  I am not designing specific references.  Anyone part of any inspiration should be able to differentiate between what happened and what did not.  I definitely can.

In our world of opinions and skewed, relative standards, I cannot stop anyone from thinking what they want.  But, that does not mean such thoughts are correct.  Thank you for checking out indie music.  

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Durango McMurphy “Aliens Over India”

In Mid-October, I did a run of three shows on tour.  Madison, WI was stop two of three.  The show at The Fountain was broadcast on WMUU radio and Durango McMurphy was the host and co-performer.  Durango and I had a great time playing some music and playing off each other.  Click play on “Aliens Over India” and read about the song below.  Durango has probably the best bio I’ve seen.

Aliens Over India Story

I’m trying to stop World War lll before it starts . I saw the headline Aliens Over India in some newspaper . I’ll break it down verse by verse :
They’re swarming like mosquitoes
swear they’re everywhere ya’ hang yr hat
they’re all so clean , never seen
like Elvis @ the Laundromat
bolt the doors they’re comin’ thru
electric ants in neon blue ..
trust the rain the rain is true
they talk about freedom but they don’t mean you …
Aliens are sailing over India tonight
saw it on the TV news , then I saw the light…
Look out boys for the asteroids they’re comin’ in the night don’t you know
racin’ thru the stars all aglow / what a show ..
look out boys for the asteroids they’re crashin’ from above & below
yr runnin’ but there’s nowhere to go / what a show …

Durango McMurphy

Durango McMurphy

I resent Orwellian omnipresent surveillance cameras & find them to be an affront to our Liberty. They pander to the lowest common denominator in society , not the highest and most noble .
In my opinion , you can’t really be Free if a mosquito-like swarm of never-accountable , invisible government officials & police ( electric ants in neon blue ) armed with delusions of power , technology and very real hand guns , are , in an effort to control your life , perpetually watching you from cameras affixed to drones , stop lights , buses , schools , buildings & banks .
Chorus – I saw a newspaper headline that read ” Aliens Over India “. I saw this arguably absurd statement as an example of ” fake news ” , and used it to represent the fact there may not be aliens but there are drones & spy satellites sailing overhead with technology capable of looking into your bedroom window , a reality indeed alien to human creativity & freedom . I find the fundamental assumption the technology will only be used for “the good” flawed and unsustainable . I trust the rain . Nature doesn’t lie . The media , not so much .

police states wait / hate ain’t that great
the aliens must be on drugs
too arrogant to understand
the future of the world is Love

Verse 2 is pretty straight ahead : This is not the United Police States of America.
Paranoia , hate & oppression just create a snowballing karma of more negativity .
I’m basically an optimist . A happy existentialist .
I declare the future of the World is not Armageddon ,
the future of the World is Love . Holy John Lennon , Batman .

Bonus tracks :
I filmed the Video on a simple Sony Handicam & did the editing on Adobe Premier Pro .
I included the Bonus Track just for fun , playing around w/ language & imagery .

Durango McMurphy Bio

It seems I was born, a bunch of weird stuff happens, then I die.  If you’d like to contact Durango, please use his email:

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Haley Woolbright “Love Like That”

Around St. Louis, The Wolf is a place to meet other sing-songwriters.  I’ve seen Haley there but didn’t “meet” her until viewing her ReverbNation page.  Click play on the song “Love Like That” and meet the musical side of Haley too.  Read more about this St. Louis artist and her song below.

“Love Like That” Story

This song is a depiction of what it’s like to love someone from afar. It’s the heartache of unrequited feelings, watching the person you want to be with be with someone else. I wrote this at a time in my life where I was surrounded by relationships, and I was the single person in the middle of it all. I was yearning for a relationship that looked like all of those around me. I was yearning for someone I couldn’t have.

Performing this song is always an emotional experience for me because I perform it acoustically, so it’s a stripped down version that feels much more intimate and emotional. I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Nashville and record this song with an amazing producer and band backing me up that truly made the song come alive!

Haley Woolbright

Haley Woolbright

All my music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Soundcloud, and more! Head over to my website for more information!

Haley Woolbright Bio

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Haley Woolbright is an up and coming singer-songwriter creating songs infiltrated with a blend of acoustic/indie pop. Haley writes with the intention of sharing her heart through her music, and most importantly, keeping it real. Music has always been a closet hobby for Haley, serving as an outlet for creativity and escape. It was not until her junior year of college that she truly started experimenting with songwriting; Haley has always enjoyed writing, so she began pairing her writing with her guitar playing. Songwriting is what opened the floodgates to Haley’s musical endeavors; since then she has begun performing weekly. Now chasing a childhood dream of hers, Haley is actively pursuing a music career as a new artist.

Haley Woolbright Links

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Detective Wadd “Sin Solución”

ReverbNation is second to Twitter in how I find new music.  With RN, the local aspect is really cool and, though Detective Wadd are not local to me, drifting through charts is how I found them.  On their page, I clicked play and the sound grabbed me, and like usual, brought back some memories.  The sound of NOFX and Bouncing Souls–especially the time I saw Bouncing Souls with Mustard Plug in St. Louis all came to mind listening to the Medellin, Columbia based Detective Wadd.  Check out “Sin Solución” and see if some punky past comes to mind as you listen.

Story Behind Sin Solucion

About the writing process of the song it was around one year ago when we where starting with the band and Xekthor the guitar player had done all the music of the songs we had at that time so I decided to put my hands to work and create some guitar riffs  and sent them to xekthor and he created the final structure. At that point there was no lyrics but I normally do it alone and at home in the night, is a good time to focus in such thing as the creation of the word of a song.
Detective Wadd

Detective Wadd

We have to say that the reaction of the audience has been really good and I have to say that is the most recognized song because hast that power and that beggining with the overdriven bass makes the people say “umm it seems that something interesting is coming.”
The recording process was incredibly fast because was done in a friend’s studio. That was really cool.  It was a friendly environment and everything flowed incredibly good.

Detective Wadd Links

Detective Wadd Bio

Bio of the band: basicly this band was started as 4 friends that has played in different bands for long time in different types of music, from death metal to pop but pun was a genre of music we always eanted to do and once we meet and where drinking a couple of beers a decided to do a couple of songs to see how it was going to work and well we have been working since one year ago and has been a fantastic experience.
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Donna Marie “Run”

Music is a way of communicating the reached beyond location. On Twitter, I met Donna Marie.  I visited her YouTube channel and really enjoyed what she had posted and found the song “Run.”  The video has a charm to it and works with the energy of country sound.  Click play on “Run” and see if you get that energy too.  Read about the Warrington, UK artist, Donna Marie, below.

Story Behind “Run”

In the words of Donna:

I’ve been madly in love with music my whole life but our relationship hasn’t always been plain sailing. As any independent artist will tell you, life as a musician can have as many lows as highs. Despite being one of the most important things in my life, music has broken my heart quite a few times. Some years ago, music and I separated and the ‘divorce’ wasn’t entirely amicable. We parted ways and I never expected to see it again.

In 2015, I felt that sufficient time had passed to take a chance and attempt to rekindle my former passion. I teamed up with producer John Kettle who was able to reignite a spark I thought I’d lost. John and I worked on ‘Run’ an old song I’d abandoned years before and together we managed to turn it into the fun, uplifting track I had always envisaged. That experience was enough to inspire me to record a full EP, my first release in almost a decade. The EP “Broken love” went into the iTunes Country charts at number 5 and it was this success that made me realise that my journey was in no way over.

Donna Marie

Donna Marie

As well as writing my own new material I now find myself co-writing with other artists. The shared experience of developing and shaping a new composition with another artist is now one of my favourite things and it continues to inspire my own songwriting.

I subsequently met Justin Johnson, drummer and producer for UK country artists such as Jade Halliwell, Raintown and Thorne Hill. Justin offered me the opportunity to play live with Thorne Hill and I jumped at the chance. We played a whole host of festivals and embarked upon a nationwide tour (my first ever) visiting places as far and wide as London to Scotland. I wasn’t sure how I’d take to life on the road in a small tour bus being cooped up with the band and tour manager but I absolutely loved it. The only downer was when the tour bus was broken into when we were on stage in London and most of the band and crew lost all of their personal belonging but still we didn’t let it stop us. We were a musical family and still are.

Through my experiences in playing with a number of artists on the scene I found myself landing a job as a musician for the touring theatre show ‘A Country Night In Nashville’. I am regularly playing in prestigious theatres such as The Kings theatre, Scotland and Liverpool Philharmonic hall. I truly love playing in this show but its not all huge theatres as I still play covers in small pubs to a crowd of sometimes 5 (including the bar staff) and often with the TV playing behind me but it’s all part of the life of a musician.

Donna Marie Bio

Quite a few years have passed since I first set foot on a stage but I now find myself at the most exciting time of my musical career. I’m still learning, I’m still creating but most importantly I’m still having fun. That’s exactly why I fell in love with music all those years ago. Join me as I embark upon my next chapter.



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