Durango McMurphy “Aliens Over India”

In Mid-October, I did a run of three shows on tour.  Madison, WI was stop two of three.  The show at The Fountain was broadcast on WMUU radio and Durango McMurphy was the host and co-performer.  Durango and I had a great time playing some music and playing off each other.  Click play on “Aliens Over India” and read about the song below.  Durango has probably the best bio I’ve seen.

Aliens Over India Story

I’m trying to stop World War lll before it starts . I saw the headline Aliens Over India in some newspaper . I’ll break it down verse by verse :
They’re swarming like mosquitoes
swear they’re everywhere ya’ hang yr hat
they’re all so clean , never seen
like Elvis @ the Laundromat
bolt the doors they’re comin’ thru
electric ants in neon blue ..
trust the rain the rain is true
they talk about freedom but they don’t mean you …
Aliens are sailing over India tonight
saw it on the TV news , then I saw the light…
Look out boys for the asteroids they’re comin’ in the night don’t you know
racin’ thru the stars all aglow / what a show ..
look out boys for the asteroids they’re crashin’ from above & below
yr runnin’ but there’s nowhere to go / what a show …

Durango McMurphy

Durango McMurphy

I resent Orwellian omnipresent surveillance cameras & find them to be an affront to our Liberty. They pander to the lowest common denominator in society , not the highest and most noble .
In my opinion , you can’t really be Free if a mosquito-like swarm of never-accountable , invisible government officials & police ( electric ants in neon blue ) armed with delusions of power , technology and very real hand guns , are , in an effort to control your life , perpetually watching you from cameras affixed to drones , stop lights , buses , schools , buildings & banks .
Chorus – I saw a newspaper headline that read ” Aliens Over India “. I saw this arguably absurd statement as an example of ” fake news ” , and used it to represent the fact there may not be aliens but there are drones & spy satellites sailing overhead with technology capable of looking into your bedroom window , a reality indeed alien to human creativity & freedom . I find the fundamental assumption the technology will only be used for “the good” flawed and unsustainable . I trust the rain . Nature doesn’t lie . The media , not so much .

police states wait / hate ain’t that great
the aliens must be on drugs
too arrogant to understand
the future of the world is Love

Verse 2 is pretty straight ahead : This is not the United Police States of America.
Paranoia , hate & oppression just create a snowballing karma of more negativity .
I’m basically an optimist . A happy existentialist .
I declare the future of the World is not Armageddon ,
the future of the World is Love . Holy John Lennon , Batman .

Bonus tracks :
I filmed the Video on a simple Sony Handicam & did the editing on Adobe Premier Pro .
I included the Bonus Track just for fun , playing around w/ language & imagery .

Durango McMurphy Bio

It seems I was born, a bunch of weird stuff happens, then I die.  If you’d like to contact Durango, please use his email: durangomcmurphy@gmail.com.

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Haley Woolbright “Love Like That”

Around St. Louis, The Wolf is a place to meet other sing-songwriters.  I’ve seen Haley there but didn’t “meet” her until viewing her ReverbNation page.  Click play on the song “Love Like That” and meet the musical side of Haley too.  Read more about this St. Louis artist and her song below.

“Love Like That” Story

This song is a depiction of what it’s like to love someone from afar. It’s the heartache of unrequited feelings, watching the person you want to be with be with someone else. I wrote this at a time in my life where I was surrounded by relationships, and I was the single person in the middle of it all. I was yearning for a relationship that looked like all of those around me. I was yearning for someone I couldn’t have.

Performing this song is always an emotional experience for me because I perform it acoustically, so it’s a stripped down version that feels much more intimate and emotional. I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Nashville and record this song with an amazing producer and band backing me up that truly made the song come alive!

Haley Woolbright

Haley Woolbright

All my music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Soundcloud, and more! Head over to my website for more information!

Haley Woolbright Bio

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Haley Woolbright is an up and coming singer-songwriter creating songs infiltrated with a blend of acoustic/indie pop. Haley writes with the intention of sharing her heart through her music, and most importantly, keeping it real. Music has always been a closet hobby for Haley, serving as an outlet for creativity and escape. It was not until her junior year of college that she truly started experimenting with songwriting; Haley has always enjoyed writing, so she began pairing her writing with her guitar playing. Songwriting is what opened the floodgates to Haley’s musical endeavors; since then she has begun performing weekly. Now chasing a childhood dream of hers, Haley is actively pursuing a music career as a new artist.

Haley Woolbright Links

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Detective Wadd “Sin Solución”

ReverbNation is second to Twitter in how I find new music.  With RN, the local aspect is really cool and, though Detective Wadd are not local to me, drifting through charts is how I found them.  On their page, I clicked play and the sound grabbed me, and like usual, brought back some memories.  The sound of NOFX and Bouncing Souls–especially the time I saw Bouncing Souls with Mustard Plug in St. Louis all came to mind listening to the Medellin, Columbia based Detective Wadd.  Check out “Sin Solución” and see if some punky past comes to mind as you listen.

Story Behind Sin Solucion

About the writing process of the song it was around one year ago when we where starting with the band and Xekthor the guitar player had done all the music of the songs we had at that time so I decided to put my hands to work and create some guitar riffs  and sent them to xekthor and he created the final structure. At that point there was no lyrics but I normally do it alone and at home in the night, is a good time to focus in such thing as the creation of the word of a song.
Detective Wadd

Detective Wadd

We have to say that the reaction of the audience has been really good and I have to say that is the most recognized song because hast that power and that beggining with the overdriven bass makes the people say “umm it seems that something interesting is coming.”
The recording process was incredibly fast because was done in a friend’s studio. That was really cool.  It was a friendly environment and everything flowed incredibly good.

Detective Wadd Links

Detective Wadd Bio

Bio of the band: basicly this band was started as 4 friends that has played in different bands for long time in different types of music, from death metal to pop but pun was a genre of music we always eanted to do and once we meet and where drinking a couple of beers a decided to do a couple of songs to see how it was going to work and well we have been working since one year ago and has been a fantastic experience.
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Donna Marie “Run”

Music is a way of communicating the reached beyond location. On Twitter, I met Donna Marie.  I visited her YouTube channel and really enjoyed what she had posted and found the song “Run.”  The video has a charm to it and works with the energy of country sound.  Click play on “Run” and see if you get that energy too.  Read about the Warrington, UK artist, Donna Marie, below.

Story Behind “Run”

In the words of Donna:

I’ve been madly in love with music my whole life but our relationship hasn’t always been plain sailing. As any independent artist will tell you, life as a musician can have as many lows as highs. Despite being one of the most important things in my life, music has broken my heart quite a few times. Some years ago, music and I separated and the ‘divorce’ wasn’t entirely amicable. We parted ways and I never expected to see it again.

In 2015, I felt that sufficient time had passed to take a chance and attempt to rekindle my former passion. I teamed up with producer John Kettle who was able to reignite a spark I thought I’d lost. John and I worked on ‘Run’ an old song I’d abandoned years before and together we managed to turn it into the fun, uplifting track I had always envisaged. That experience was enough to inspire me to record a full EP, my first release in almost a decade. The EP “Broken love” went into the iTunes Country charts at number 5 and it was this success that made me realise that my journey was in no way over.

Donna Marie

Donna Marie

As well as writing my own new material I now find myself co-writing with other artists. The shared experience of developing and shaping a new composition with another artist is now one of my favourite things and it continues to inspire my own songwriting.

I subsequently met Justin Johnson, drummer and producer for UK country artists such as Jade Halliwell, Raintown and Thorne Hill. Justin offered me the opportunity to play live with Thorne Hill and I jumped at the chance. We played a whole host of festivals and embarked upon a nationwide tour (my first ever) visiting places as far and wide as London to Scotland. I wasn’t sure how I’d take to life on the road in a small tour bus being cooped up with the band and tour manager but I absolutely loved it. The only downer was when the tour bus was broken into when we were on stage in London and most of the band and crew lost all of their personal belonging but still we didn’t let it stop us. We were a musical family and still are.

Through my experiences in playing with a number of artists on the scene I found myself landing a job as a musician for the touring theatre show ‘A Country Night In Nashville’. I am regularly playing in prestigious theatres such as The Kings theatre, Scotland and Liverpool Philharmonic hall. I truly love playing in this show but its not all huge theatres as I still play covers in small pubs to a crowd of sometimes 5 (including the bar staff) and often with the TV playing behind me but it’s all part of the life of a musician.

Donna Marie Bio

Quite a few years have passed since I first set foot on a stage but I now find myself at the most exciting time of my musical career. I’m still learning, I’m still creating but most importantly I’m still having fun. That’s exactly why I fell in love with music all those years ago. Join me as I embark upon my next chapter.



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Fall Tour Starts This Week

My fall tour kicks off this week by heading to Wichitas, KS.  Excited give a little weekend warrior version to touring around the Midwest.  A music friend of mine, Nathan Andrew Jones, gave me the idea to vlog a bit of the experience.  Now, in musician fashion, I just need to remember to do so.  I had three dates not clustered together in Indianapolis, Muncie, and Louisville.  Traveling is a great learning experience and nothing helps you learn like learning by doing.  If you’re nearby one of these places, stop by and say hello.

Tour Dates

Tour Dates

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Alyssa Walker “Stupid Boy”

When you get to meet other artists and they have infectious energy, you can’t help but smile.  That’s the effect of San Diego based country singer Alyssa Walker and her song “Stupid Boy.”  Click play on the song and read the story of how this song was made.

Story Behind “Stupid Boy”

“Stupid Boy” is a song that I wrote when I was in a rough place. I had just had my heart broken for the first time and I really didn’t know how to deal with it. It took me awhile to get back into music, but when I did, the songs just kept coming. Stupid Boy was written when I finally realized that I was going to get through my heartbreak and that my ex wasn’t going to be able to destroy or control my life, whether he was a part of it or not. This was my most therapeutic song about my break up.

Being able to record this song with a Grammy winning producer, Steve Churchyard, was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had. Getting to share this song with the world is so important to me. I want this song to be relatable to other girls, and I want to be able to lift people’s spirits and let them know that even though there are going to be rough times, they are strong enough to get through anything.

Alyssa Walker

Alyssa Walker

You can find my song on itunes, spotify, soundcloud, amazon, and more. All my information is on my website at

Alyssa Walker Bio

Alyssa Walker is a talented singer-songwriter and acoustic guitar player. She developed a love for writing songs at a young age and currently has written over thirty original songs which she performs on a regular basis. Her lyrics not only tell a story, but are relatable to her fans, as many have reached out to Alyssa to tell her that her song “struck a chord” with them. Her music can be described as pop, indie, folk, country and Americana. She can also play a wide-range of covers from all different genres.

Alyssa Walker Links

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Every Lovely Thing “Running”

Meeting like minded artists is always good.  Through Twitter, Marianne from Every Lovely Thing and I started talking about the music blog and setting up a song.  To find a song, I visited Every Lovely Thing’s site and really enjoyed the feel of “Running.”  The song is one that inspires lots of cool memories.  I found myself thinking of music from Tori Amos to Enigma and how my life intersected those sounds.  Click play on the beautiful video for “Running” and see what memories the song brings for you.  Every Lovely Thing is a musical duo from Dayton, OH.  Read about their music below as you listen.

Story Behind “Running”

We recorded ‘Running’ late July 2016. It was officially released August 26th, the video released October 1st. This was the culmination of writing songs together for over a year!
The song is about toxic relationships. Both of us are INFJs on the Myer’s-Briggs personality test and highly sensitive people – thus have had our share of relational struggles, sometimes feeling swallowed up, misunderstood, overrun by others. Rather than “I am a victim running away,” it is our intention to depict a healthy acceptance of ourselves, and of moving (or running) toward the freedom of positive life-affirming boundaries.
Every Lovely Thing

Every Lovely Thing

We feel like our emerging sound is ambient dream pop. We really had no parameters when we started writing music together other than to create a beautiful sound with authentic introspective lyrics. Kate brings her ethereal vocals and elegant piano stylings, with Marianne adding vocals and harmonies in a lower register, and often playing acoustic guitar.
The studio experience was amazing! Marianne has experience in the studio with her solo singer-songwriting career, but it was Kate’s first time recording professionally. We worked with Ben Kesler (Ex’treme Institute by Nelly) at Red Pill Studios in St. Louis. His expertise and quiet demeanor, plus our friendship and understanding of each other’s personalities and how that affects our work, helped create a beautiful studio experience!

Every Lovely Thing Bio

Every Lovely Thing is a music duo from Dayton, Ohio formed by singer-songwriter Marianne Kesler and Kate Stanton. Following a decade long friendship, the two decided over coffee to try writing a song together. Sharing lifelong passions for music, they had no idea what was in store for them. One song turned into twenty, monthly co-writing into weekly sessions. Before long the duo, dubbed Every Lovely Thing, was on their way to St. Louis to record their first single “Running” with producer Ben Kesler.
Their debut single “Running” is available on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and other online sources for digital music, as well as now playing on Spotify, and Cascade.FM!

Every Lovely Thing Links

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Halfway Good “Letdown”

Again, Twitter is an excellent place to find new music and connect with artists.  I met Halfway Good through Twitter and we quickly worked together to get a blog post put together.  Click play on this California duo’s song “Letdown” and read the story below.

Story Behind Letdown

“Letdown” was written at weird time in my life, and is a song about just being frustrated with the world around you and not really caring about much of anything anymore. I wrote the riff for this song a few weeks before I wrote the lyrics. The riff is pretty fast paced and groovy, and unlike any of the other songs that we had at the time, so I was unsure about what type of vocals to put on top of it.
Eventually, amid my frustrations, I had the idea to make the vocals just as quick and erratic as the guitar, and soon I had two pages full of moody, manic-depressive lyrics to work with. When we began Halfway Good and started working on our debut album, we really had no direction for the band other than to do whatever we wanted to do, and this was one of the first few songs that came out of that mindset.
Halfway Good

Halfway Good

To me “Letdown” sets the tone for the record, and yet it sounds like nothing else on the record, as if to say “anything can happen here.” Recording this song and adding all the little voices in the background was really fun, and I think this song is by far my favorite on the album. – Dakota Tenhet (Guitar/Vocals – Halfway Good)

Halfway Good Bio

Halfway Good is a two-piece Indie Rock band from The San Joaquin Valley in California. Comprised of brothers Dakota Tenhet (Guitar/Vocals), and Ashton Lambert (Drums), the band is a result of all of their combined influences, and years of jamming in the bedroom they shared growing up.

Halfway Good Links

  1. www.twitter.com/halfwaygoodband
  2. www.instagram.com/halfwaygood
  3. www.snapchat.com/halfwaygood
  4. www.facebook.com/halfwaygood
  5. https://soundcloud.com/user-466013243
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$ir K. ReLyT “Fully Aware”

Last week, I traveled to Indiana for some shows.  Through that trip, one person I met was Kris, aka $ir K. ReLyT.  Near Ball State University in Muncie, IN, there’s a cool club called Be Here Now.  On Tuesdays, the stage is open and you’ll find a good bit of hip-hop with a few guitar player/singers too.  With those genres mixing, the vibe is cool, friendly, and supportive.  I started talking with $ir K. ReLyT and made a connection.  Click play on “Fully Aware” and read about this hip-hop artist.

Story Behind Fully Aware

The song “Fully Aware” was written in the summer of 2015 in one sitting, at the time I was signed to Not Only Street Records and my manager was hassling me to write and record 3 new songs on a very short deadline. I had first wrote “Was’ Hannin” and got a case of writer’s block, a few hours went by and the first few bars of “Fully Aware” came out of no where in my head, “fuck what a hater think/ throw em’ in a gator tank/” next thing I knew, I had locked myself in the extra bedroom and had written half way through the beat already and didn’t have a hook yet. In my mind I started thinking, “hmm… I’m fully aware of all the surrounding context, I’m fully aware of my schemes, and what I’m actually talking about, I don’t need a hook if it’s going to speak for itself to someone else, if it has that effect on me.”
So after the concept decision, I took that and felt the direction I should go in. By the end, I was sitting in the car practicing it acapella for hours, so the first time I rapped it to the beat, it fit perfectly to me. (Because I don’t write with a beat playing, I hear the beat, count the bars, then write in silence)
It was recorded with Audacity on a friends laptop with regular ass Samson Co3u.  The song was released on all digital online retailers and is still available, along with the album, “ReVised” from which it was the single.
In 18 Years, ReLyT has performed over 490 shows, including performances with the well known Boogie from Dallas, Texas, and RoLya T from Anderson, Indiana.
$ir K. ReLyT

$ir K. ReLyT

In 2014, he auditioned for BET’s new Hip Hop Reality show, “One Shot” and blew judges away. (Which airs this summer.)
$ir K. ReLyT released 8 full-length albums, 14 mixtapes, and 6 singles in the span of his career. Along with getting his music in rotation on internet radio stations in France, The United Kingdom, West Africa, and Memphis, TN.
While being a very audible, visual, and hands on learner, he’s taken on the skills of a music industry professional. Specializing in social media marketing, branding, audio/ video production, distribution, graphic designing, booking, understanding royalties and percentages, and is paying very close attention his publisher/ mentor, Phil Duncan (CEO of Underground Railroad Entertainment Group/ WURE-FM; Memphis Don) to continue gaining the knowledge he’ll need for a successful career.
In 2016, he hitchhiked the coast of California spreading his music on his way to Los Angeles, while homeless the entire time for 9 months, he managed to book shows throughout the state, shoot a music video in Hollywood, become an inspiration to many homeless youth, and acquired many more industry connections, followers, and opportunities through ‘cardboard sign marketing’ on a regular basis. You can find a picture of $ir K. ReLyT’s tent on Sunset Blvd. with a letter to Slim written in sharpie on the side from when he opened up about his alter ego, $tan on Milloux Suicide’s instagram @millouxsuicide

$ir K. ReLyT Links

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River Ratz Band “I Am What I Am”

Always amazed by the music I can find on Twitter.  A huge perk of connecting with other artists is getting to hear them.  I connected with the River Ratz Band and quickly lead to this blog post being created.  The four pieced band is compose of two married couples.  The River Ratz Band is from the Charlotte, NC area.  I enjoy the old timey sound and vocal harmonies.  I never tire of hearing talent like that.  Click play on the live video below and see if you agree.  Read about the River Ratz Band and the song “I Am What I Am” below.

Story Behind I Am What I Am

River Ratz Band formed by chance three years ago. We met in a class to learn how to jam in a bluegrass circle.  We hit it off immediately when none of us wanted to play the songs the leader picked–we gravitated toward upbeat, hard-driving songs. Our music today is better described as modern bluegrass laced with country, folk, and rock’n roll. “Born in bluegrass, bred in rock’ roll” is our motto. 

River Ratz Band

River Ratz Band

Our band is made up of two married couples with a combined 60 years of marriage. Our favorite venues to play are breweries because people go there to have a good time, and we try to facilitate the fun. We get our audiences  involved in playing various percussion instruments on what we call “fungrass” songs. 

River Ratz Band

River Ratz Band

I Am What I Am came about when we were getting ready to go to a Halloween gig. (Maybe I had morbid thoughts on my mind!). This song was inspired by absolutely no true events (in our lives anyway!). I tried to imagine severe consequences for a cheating man, with a comical spin. Plus I knew we needed a seafaring song–doesn’t  every band with a fiddle?  I had never heard of a trimaran, but picked that type of yacht to impress my band mates with my knowledge of ships. Scott (our other songwriter) wrote the singalong lines to complete the song. 

This song was recorded live at Birdsong Brewery for their Louisiana Crawfish boil. 

River Ratz Band Links

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