Dale Sechrest “Life Is Changes”

I met Dale Sechrest through Twitter.  Dale is from Indiana and has some interesting information in his bio about his music history.  Through his music, you get a sense of his faith and he has a unique tone to his sound.  Click play on “Life Is Changes” and read Dale’s words about the song.

“Life Is Changes” Story

“Life is Changes” was written while recording The Journey.  Originally, a rock song about my life in music.  But the song didn’t feel right so I scratched it.  However, I kept the opening lyrics in mind for future use.

One afternoon I was thinking about the first time I played for an audience–one Neil Young song for approximately 1000 people.  If I was going to write a song about my life in music, it should sound similar to a Neil Young song.

Came up with the chords, then used the lyrics I had written for the song that got scratched. At one point in writing, the song took on a life of its own and went a completely different direction. It seemed that the song was meant for my son, Andrew, and not so much about me.

Dale Sechrest

Dale Sechrest

“Life is Changes” has been picked up by community radio stations.  Once, after a concert someone said, ‘Wow, you brought me to tears with that song, because I’m living it’. People like it – they can relate to it.

I could tell you what each verse means to me.  But, many people have told me what the words mean to them and that’s what matters the most.  “Life is changes, always moving. Don’t let it pass you by.”

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