Simply Humble Folk “Jaime Song”

Simply Humble Folk is a duo from Alberta, Canada.  I met them through Twitter and asked them about letting me share a song.  After looking at their YouTube Channel, “Jaime Song” got my attention with its clear, direct video and sound and the texture of the song’s mood.  Click play on the video and read the story behind their song.

Simply Humble Folk “Jaime Song”


According to Ray: [here’s] The back story to Jaime Song.  Well, it’s been about 20 years since I knew him.  I was living in a small, northern community, way up north, even by our standards.  Jaime had green hair and was a bit of an outcast.

To make a long story shorter, he got drunk one day, went up to the 9th floor of the only building in town, and jumped.

His death really hit me hard.  So, a couple of years ago, I went back up north with my son and the song came to me while driving on the Mackenzie Highway.  Tammy and I worked out it with the playing/harmonies etc…  We’ve played it a couple of times live and the reaction we’ve got was mostly tears and silence.

[…] kind of eerie, come to think of it.


When I began looking at Simply Humble Folk, this song drew me in as a listener.  I like the arrangement and harmonies.  The direct video style and quality of the audio make this a good representation of the song–well done.  Though I haven’t met either of the duo in person, through online communication their friendly personality comes through and you can sense the honesty of their music reflects their earnestness as people.  Check out more from Simply Humble Folk on the links below.



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