Kyle Walz At Stone Spiral March 24

I have my first solo show at Stone Spiral Coffee and Curious on March 24.  Music runs from 7pm to 9pm.  The evening will be a good preview of the album release shows planned for May and June.  Stone Spiral has lots of events, check their calendar to see if anything else appeals to you, well, besides Kyle Walz at Stone Spiral of course.  I’m honored to be listed as a highlight for the month of March.

Kyle Walz at Stone Spiral

Kyle Walz at Stone Spiral

Originals and Covers

With a two hour time slot, I’m going to mix in some cover songs with my originals.  I might even play an instrumental piece or two if the mood hits.  For originals, I’ll play a few songs off Hallowed and many songs of Diffused.  Maybe a couple in the audience will consider supporting my IndieGoGo campaign for my new album.

Kyle Walz At Stone Spiral

Hope to see a few friends come out and have fun with me.  I always enjoy music.  Playing always take me to a special place and I hope you might come along with me.

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