June 3 Album Release House Concert

This will be a two part post.  There will be a June 3 album release house concert show in Pacific, MO.  Please contact me if you’d like to attend.  The cost is $10 per group and includes a Diffused cd.

June 3 Album Release

The lineup for the show will include opening sets by Chris Johnson followed by Lia Glynias.  The rest of the evening will be Nashville styled songwriter rounds between myself and the duo Catching The Westbound.

June 3 Album Release flyer

June 3 Album Release flyer

Part Two of this post will be after the show with some pictures and things.

May 13 Album Release

The Wolf hosted a release show for me and Nathan Jones and Joey Kenig did opening sets and Catching The Westbound and me did songwriter rounds.  What is awesome about The Wolf is the they have a great room and food. I was nervous because the time of year, being near the end of school, was busy and date conflicts arose for many friends.  So, I had meager attendance goals.  At the end of the night, all goals were checked.  We had fun.  Attendance was good.  A couple CD’s were bought.  It feels good to plan an event and see it through as a success.

Part Two

The day before the show, one of the openers said they were headed to the doctor with symptoms of strep throat.  So, Nathan Jones stepped up and said he’d fill the opening spot.  At the show, there were around fifty people there.  We all decided to play mostly acoustically.  Nathan played some songs to start us off then Lia Glynias continued the music and ended with a group sing-a-long.  Catching the Westbound and I traded groups of songs.

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