Josh Nelson “I Don’t Dance”

Last week, June of 2016, I traveled to Springfield, MO to hit an open mic or two and look for a gig.  At the open mic at Big Momma’s Coffee and Espresso Bar, I met Josh Nelson.  Josh Nelson has a cool stage presence that’s energetic and demands your attention.  As I watched him play, I hoped his songs were originals.  We chatted a bit and exchanged contact info and that all lead to this story behind his song “I Don’t Dance.”  Let the song play while you read about the artist and the song.  Also, check out the links at the bottom, Josh is currently running and IndieGoGo campaign.

Josh Nelson Bio

I’m a musician that was born in Alaska and grew up in Kenya and I’m making my way in the States now. My band is from three continents, four states and really is all over the map. I just put together my first album with songs written in Arizona to North Carolina, Alaska to Kenya. It’s been a wild ride but I’m sure people are going to love the modern folk vibes they get from my music.

Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson

I wrote the song I don’t dance late last year in North Carolina. My personality brings me to live a lot of my life as an observer. I like to live life one the outer edges, looking in. “I’ve made my home on the edge of the floor.” Life is like that sometimes – where you have to watch first, learn next and take that leap of faith and join the dance, but sometimes you were never meant for center of the floor and you’ve got to find your strengths on a different floor. Some of us were made to sing, and others made to dance.

This song thrives in the simplicity of significance and belonging. My album which is coming out on June 30th is called At The Door, if it had a subtitle it would be “the hesitation between here and there”. The song I Don’t Dance embodies this hesitation while giving voice to differences.

Josh Nelson Links

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