Aly Jayne “You (Uncertainty)”

The story for meeting Aly Jayne, starts with getting a message from someone associated to a past post, “Hey Kyle! Are you still blogging about artists and such?”  That question led me to Aly Jayne and her song “You (Uncertainty).”  Click play on Aly’s song and read a bit about her and the song.

Aly Jayne Bio

In Aly’s own words:

I’m from the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin. I’ve been singing and playing guitar for a little over 10 years, and writing songs even longer. I lived in Chicago for a little over a year and continue to peruse performing music and supporting local artists in Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago areas. I currently live in the Milwaukee area. I enjoy how music brings people together in communities all over the world as a way to communicate experiences in life in a healthy and productive way.

Story for “You (Uncertainty)”

“You (Uncertainty)” was inspired by someone I dated when I was 17. Young love can be quite intoxicating. Looking back now, I understand why I felt so uncertain. Ultimately, this song represents how scary it is to be vulnerable with the people you are intimate with in life, but how great it can be at the same time. This song still resonates with my passion for love and loving other people. My friends and family are my support group so they are the ones who I sing this song for now.

Aly Jayne

Aly Jayne

Recording this song was a blast! Matty Jay Miller did a phenomenal job accenting my vocal and keyboard parts. Tony Schueller did an amazing job producing, engineering, and always brings the whole project together. This has become one of my friend’s and family’s favorite song of mine. I’m very grateful.

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