Jenny Nicole “Drive By”

Getting to meet and hear local artists, like Jenny Nicole, is awesome.  For artists, music is a community and making local connections is what it’s all about.  What’s cool about Jenny Nicole is she’s so easy to talk to and has a positivity that you catch.  So, click play on the video or player to play her song “Drive By” and read her song’s story below.

Story behind “Drive By”

This rock song is a hodge podge of true stories made into a fictional one. After going through a divorce, I found myself failing in the dating world. When a guy wasn’t interested, I would almost force him into a relationship by showing up unannounced and texting non-stop. (Hey, divorce messes you up.) I bought a house a block from my ex-husband (didn’t buy it for that reason) and I would feel like I was stalking him each time I walked the dogs. So, the title “Drive By” popped into my head one day as I was walking them and I went home to write it. As I was writing it, I wanted to capture the emotion that I felt after the divorce. For many couples, dinner time is the first time you spend together each day. It was very hard coming home to an empty house, having no one to share a meal with. Dinner was a trigger each night to get me down about being single.

Jenny Nicole

Jenny Nicole

I wrote it upbeat because I wanted a light-hearted feeling, not wanting to come off as a stalker in a creepy way. When I perform it, the audience seems to be truly engaged, visualizing each scene and thinking about how funny, yet true, the situation can be. Steve Goodie of Nashville produced it and decided to take it in the rock direction, when I originally had planned for it to be country.

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