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In the summer of 2016, I met Kane Williams through Twitter.  You can check his song “Overdose” on the resulting post from that virtual meeting.  What grabbed me about his song “Life” is it reminds me of something that’d be on a series.  I’m not sure if theme song, character support song, or what, but I was watching The Wire and the horn blasts and sound reminded me of some of the music in that hallmark HBO series.  Click play and see what “Life” brings to mind for you.  Read the story below.

Story Behind “Life”

The lyrics to Life reflect part of my philosophy regarding what we are as beings, which in a nutshell is pure consciousness only limited by the limits we allow to be imposed upon us. It’s reminding people we don’t exist to follow rules of a constructed society such as financial reward for playing the game better than others. It’s to encourage people to chill out a bit and look around them and see things that inspire creativity.

The tempo is pretty slow, as I wanted it to be sleepy and relaxed. Some suggested it needed to be a a few BMP’s faster, but I stuck to my guns but did add some extra percussion to liven it up a little. I produced the entire track myself, using nothing but softsynths, besides live recorded shaker and vocals and I’m happy with the results to say there are no real instruments.

I recorded the vocals with a ribbon mic to match the smooth, softness of the track and the chorus has both my kids and my partner singing, which makes it special, as the sound of their young voices will always be there for me to hear in an instant as the years pass by. The track is ultimately about what Life is all about and for me, family is what my life is about (and music of course).

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Kane Williams Bio

Grew up in the 70’s & 80’s listening to an eclectic mix of stuff on the radio and 50’s and 60’s music that my mum would play. I soon found a love of anything with a strong groove and soul and became a B-Boy. I always sang a bit, but I made US East Coast inspired Hip Hop on the unlikely East Coast of the UK. Returning to funk and soul, I inch closer to creating the sounds I hear in my head. If any artists, producers, A&R or publishers are interested in working with me, please get in touch.

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