Daggerplay “Saints”

A couple weeks ago, I received a message from a band from Helsinki on the ReverbNation platform.  As I often do when the message seems real, I check out the artist.  When I heard Daggerplay I traveled back to my youth.  I responded to the band letting them know their music took me back to my early college.  It’s hard to imagine me with purple dreds shaved into a mohawk, but if you listen to the song “Saints” you might get an idea.  Click play and read a little about the song.

I read an article about David Chang’s Unified Theory of Deliciousness recently.  Hearing the band had the effect of transporting me to a different place and time.  When new music has the effect, I’m always excited.  Once a punk always a punk it seems.

“Saints” By Daggerplay

Daggerplay is punk rock’n’roll from Helsinki, Finland since 2011.
“Saints” is about living rough, being lost and taking wrong turns. The main point of the this song is “Is there another way to go on?”  Very often it feels like there’s no way out of the shit what’s happening but even a little blink of a light can bring a man a little comfort.  “Saints” can be found on the debut album “Urban Campfire Songs” (self-released 2013).



Daggerplay Links

New Album In 2016

Daggerplay have completed the recordings for a new album.  The new music will come out in the end of the year 2016.  On their links, you can hear a good range of their sound.  It’s exciting to hear musicians doing what they do and bringing new sounds.  Musicians pushing their creativity and energy always impresses me.  Now, just need to visit the continent opposite mine and hear some of this music live.

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  1. Many thanks for this cool blog!!

    Pekko Mantzin / Daggerplay

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